Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vma's, twilight, and school once again.

So tonight I watched the VMA's with my (in the words of Feath) "rentals" and it was indeed a very interesting one. Full of many interesting events.

And they weren't even lying this time.
It was the most SHOCKING VMA'S EVER! =P

Seriously man. wow.

From the MJ tribute's to Kanye west being a complete a**hole (yeah, that's right my blog is censored), to Beyonce being totally thoughtful and giving Taylor Swift her moment.

Now everyone hates Kanye, and loves Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Oh, and I left out all of Lady Gaga's outfit changes. O.O

This is just one of them..

Scary huh?

I was sure startled and confused by them all.
They just kept on getting worse and more shocking than the one before.


I just don't understand.

Anyway, it was quite interesting. I don't usually watch any awards show's but I wanted to watch this one for one specific reason.



Although, I had already watched it on the internet (it was leaked onto YouTube) I still had to watch it on "the big screen" aka our decent sized HD TV.

It looked even more epic and exciting than before. :]
Call me a screaming fan girl, but I REALLY enjoy the Twilight series, and just about anything to do with it. BESIDES all of the sudden Vampire related things that are just deciding to come out now, after all of Twilight's huge success. Coincidence? I think not.

But, the reason I love twilight is because, (for me anyway) plain and simple. It's a funny, well written love story for the ages. that may seem a little pre mature to say "for the ages" but that's just how I see it personally. If titanic qualifies as that, then Twilight sure as heck does!

This (above) was my screensaver for a while. :] tee hee.

I just, absolutely love it. I think it's good to have something you mildly obsess over. =P
It feels good to get excited about something!


On another note, school's tomorrow. It's a full week!

Not quite.

But not, not hooray either. =P
It's not THAT bad. And tomorrow it's only a half day for me. I'm going to my orthodontist in the morning to get my moldings for my invisiline.
In 2 years I shall half straight teeth! I know that sounds like a long time but, I was just thinking how fast these last two years will go by in school, by the time that rolls around, I'll be rid of my "braces." Sounds like good timing right?
That's what I thought! :]

Well, I better start getting things ready for tomorrow.
And finally take my quilt out of the dryer, because I'm pretty sure it's dry by now!
=P lol.

Till next time,

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