Monday, March 29, 2010


Hey there!

So I haven't been blogging for quite some time now, and this saddens me. A lot is going on right now, which is really just more material for me to blog about, but I find when this happens I do the opposite. Unlike when there's absolutely nothing going on- I blog like a maniac.

So- let me give you the low-down.

#1 We got a new kitten. I think his name is Charlie, it's been a week now and we haven't come up with anything better, so Charlie it has to be. I think we've always been kind of saving that name for a pet. I think he could grow to suit Charlie. Oh, and apparently it's spelt "Charly" because it's supposed to be like me and my brother's name combined. Chase + Karly = Charly.

Clever eh?

Anyway, here are some pictures of the newest addition to our family.

He's 10 weeks old now, and he's quite a handful. But that's okay.

What else do you expect from a kitten?

Like I've mentioned before in my blog, Louie (my first cat) is lonely, and this is one of the reasons, if not the main reason, I wanted to get another pet. It just didn't seem fair to have only one animal in the house. So far (and we've only had Charly for a week) him and Louie have been getting along pretty decently. Pretty good I'd say for the first week. Hopefully they'll be best friends! ^^ That's what I want to happen anyway.

So, I'll keep you posted about that. If I blog often enough anyway...

#2 Tisha and Melody (my cousin and my aunt) are coming to stay with us for almost two weeks, starting tomorrow! :) They're going to be looking for houses here because they're moving here soon after their visit- along with my other cousin Brianna. I'm sure I've mentioned them before.

I'm super stoked about it, and particularly stoked for tomorrow for numerous reasons.
  1. We're picking them up from the airport in the morning, so me and my brother get to skip at least a half day of school. SCORE. =)
  2. We're going to White Spot for breakfast after. YES.
  3. And after all that awesomeness, we're also adding a visit to one of my favorite places in the whole word (actually, that's ridiculous, the world's a big place. Let's just say one of my favorite places on the island) Sidney!

Most definitely my kind of day. =]

Come to think of it- this entire week is my kind of week. That's what's happening tomorrow, as well as a big family dinner involving Chili. lol =P Also I have to go to my Choir's sound check- a not so ideal part of the week- but oh well. I signed up for it. On Wednesday I get out of all my classes for the actual show (Choir), plus I have an orthodontist appointment in the morning. So that's gonna be cutting it really tight.

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting- On Thursday I think I'll go for a half day of school as well, and then me and my mum are off to Vancouver for the John Mayer concert!


One of my favorite artists ever. Needless to say- I'm bringing my camera. :]

It'll be fun, one of my cousins, Daryl, lives there, as well as my other aunt, and we'll be going out for dinner with them. We'll stay in a nice hotel and I'm assuming the next day we'll be making a "quick" stop at IKEA. My mums excited about that part. :P

We'll be back on Friday, late afternoon I think and my rents and my aunt are going out for a dinner party- so that just leaves me, my brother and my cousin alone in the house.

It's gonna be fun. =3 Fun filled with pizza, probably video games and lots and lots of laughing.

That brings us to the end of the week, and virtually no school.
See what I mean by my kind of week? ;)

We also get Monday off, like I couldn't ask for anymore! :P

It just keeps getting better. :-)

-Except for the fact that I'm pretty behind in school and it will leave me being even more behind, but that's all water under the bridge!

....ha ha.... ha..... ha ._.

Oh well, I won't sweat it. I'd much rather be spending my time going to concerts, being with family and just overall having FUN.

Everything else can just work itself out and revolve around that. For me, school certainly does not come first. Especially the messed up school system that we have nowadays.

And with that, I leave you.

Hope your week is as crazy and fun-filled as I predict mine's going to be.


Monday, March 8, 2010

you + me

So I take what I can get and I put it in my pocket
There's a handful of regret, but it seems I went and lost it
Don't you know, don't you know that the best things in life are free?
Like you and me, just you and me


Good to Be Back :)

Hello my little friend,

It's been a while, and in that while some things have changed- while some have not.

I'm feeling a tad more optimistic about my album, but that's just because I'm forcing myself into that mind set. I haven't physically done anything about it, or toward its creation, but it's spring break, this gives me some time.

I'm so happy that it's Spring. =) As I've said before, I love Summer, and we're just that much closer. It makes me feel peaceful, happy. ^_^ Not that I become a complete pessimist in the Winter, but warm and sunny weather gives me that extra boost of energy.

That's how it feels anyway.

I've started writing again- songs I mean. When I was in that "gotta work on my album!" stage, I completely disregarded everything else. I know that sounds bad. I have to remember to balance things in my life, and I'm working on that. Always am...

Anyway, it's probably one of the reasons I'm in a particularly better mood. I forgot what it does for me. It's really a selfish thing, my music. It's how I vent, well I suppose writing altogether is my way of venting. When I wasn't blogging or writing songs, or anything, I was keeping it all bottled up. I can't take those things for granted. Even if I sit down at the piano and end up writing a really crappy song, it still makes me feel good. It's still what I crave.

This time however, I did not write a crappy song. I wrote a lovely song. :)

This makes me even happier. ;)

I don't have a title for it yet, but I do quite like it. I wrote it on my keyboard, and am getting better with the keys. This is one of the things I want to accomplish in the near future- to keep getting better at piano. I need to keep progressing, and writing songs with it helps me do that.

I bought a new Notebook when I was out one day, (I'm addicted to purchasing cool notebooks when I spot them, even if I never end up writing in them) it's an eco-friendly one, with leaves on the front and back covers. I've been writing in it steadily and so far, out of that writing I've started two new songs. One of which is the piano one I was talking about and one came from jamming on my guitar.

Their both interesting. Different from what I've written in the past- which I love. I like to progress in my writing as well, that's why I'll always be plugging away... I suppose I should take the same approach to producing as well...

It's just, I'm stuck producing Goody Two Shoes and Stay Strong. I have to get by these two songs in order to move forward. One of the problems for me I think, is their so old. I'm not into it. I am however, into writing new songs. Quite frankly their boring me.

How do I bring them back to life?

Well, writing this blog sure made me realize a couple things. It's good to be back again. :) Back to blogging and the blogging community. =]

So here I am, here to stay :]

Signing off,