Monday, August 23, 2010


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Video Blogging - Relaunched!


I was reading some of my old blog posts (yes, I reflect on my past) when I came across one entitled "Very First Vlog! - Saanich Fair 2009". After watching it, my first impression was- "Do I have some sort of speech impediment?" After ruling that out, and replacing it with the fact that I am merely a typical teenager who doesn't speak very well, my second thought was- I haven't kept up the vlogging on my blog. =(

I did- and still do- like the idea of posting blogs and video blogs. It's fun for me, and maybe even for you, to change it up every now and then.

THUS, I have decided to start up vlogging again, posting them on this, here blog! ^^

A while back, I did post a vlog on my YouTube channel, but I think (for me) it was the wrong place for it. I'm not a video blogger, I'm a musician. So if any of them turn out embarrassing and/or silly (which guaranteed, some of them most certainly will) I'm happy with them being located on my blog.

Because if you know my blog, you're probably aware that there's not much of a filter.

So, to start up the... relaunch of vlogging, I thought I'd post the vlog that is now private on my YouTube channel. It is.. quite silly. I thought it was funny at the time- and it is- but... yeah... I set it to private on YouTube, let's just put it that way.


It is literally just a compilation of out-takes from my first attempt at vlogging. I REPEAT I AM NOT A VIDEO BLOGGER, no matter how much I try to be.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll get some sort of hang of it. Heck, maybe I'll even vlog about something i n t e r e s t i n g! =o It's a thought!

In the meantime, I'll work my way towards that goal.

Here's to trying! ;)

Singing off,


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life Lessons

:( I miss you.

And by "you," I mean my blog.

I miss blogging. I don't blog nearly as much as I used to, and I miss that.

So, because I've recognized this missing part of me, I'm going to make an effort to think of you more often. I mean, I can't really blame my absence on a lack of time, because I can honestly recall plenty of occasions where I had nothing else better to do.

I just, for some reason, chose to do nothing else better.


Well, no more of that!

I'm back (:

... hello! ^^

Actually. I even have something to blog about other than the fact that I want to blog more. It's what inspired this realization- or rather, who.

His name is Charlie McDonnell. You may have heard of him.

He's a YouTuber. A brilliant YouTuber, if I may say so.

When I think about it... he does exactly what I do, only through a different medium. I've tried my hand at "vlogging", and found it to be much more difficult than I immediately presumed. This is one of the reasons I appreciate, and respect Charlie. It's also one of the reasons I stick to blogging.


Anyway, I was catching up on some of his vlogs, when I came across a couple that I related to.

The first one, was this:

I, myself, have made "time capsules" (that's capsules, of course, with a British accent ^^), but only again, through writing- my comfortable medium. Although, I did stumble upon some accidental time capsules me and my friend recorded on Garageband.

Those were funny.

Anyway- the point I was meaning to get across about this video, was how over the past few years of my life, I've been constantly thinking about the future. I've been planning my current life for the benefit of my future life. I couldn't relax, I couldn't except, and be happy with the way things were going at the time. This ended up with me basically running in circles- especially with my album. Working at something creative does not work when you're tense. Ever heard of the saying "Get the creative juices flowing"? Well, things don't flow when there's tension. This, I have learned, and I've accepted it.

Watching this video really inspired me to be happy now. To not be greedy, and always be reaching for more. As he said "You had food to eat. You had friends that you liked. You had a job that you liked, and that was enough."

That may sound a little... uninspiring in a way, but for me, it all comes back to the simplicity of it all. And that is a part of life I enjoy. I'm only sixteen. I don't need to rush things.

Hearing that put into words by someone else, really confirmed my own beliefs about it. It reminded me of how good of a place I'm in right now, and to really savour and enjoy it. :-)

So, thanks Charlie! (:

As for the second video, the title is very appropriate:

Now, what I grabbed out of that video was the all-too-typical "stay true to yourself", but no matter how over-stated and typical that life lesson may be, when it comes down to it- it's true.

My experience with this has yet again to do with my music. In the early stages of writing (back when I was a pre-teen, and younger) I had no-one to answer to, because simply, no-one knew about it. Now, however, I still don't really have anyone to answer to but, sometimes it feels that way. One direct example I can give you is with *yet again* my album. oi vey. =P

I wanted to keep my "fans" in the loop about what I was doing, but I didn't realize the fine line that I was crossing that ended up with me being so aware of what was going on around me (the pressure to finish it on time, not disappointing anyone) that I couldn't give the proper focus my record needed. This ultimately ended with all deadlines being taken off, and my album staying under construction.

This sounds like a horrible ending, and with the knowledge I had at the time, I would think it was. Now, however, I know better. What was the deadline for anyway? I had no reason to even create one. Music is something I love to do, and have a passion for- why would I want to rush my first formal release of that?

I know I'll be playing music all my life- whether or not I can make a living off of it- and right now is part of my life. I'm done with pressing fast forward. This is something that I also want to savour.

I may not have a record on my hands, but over this summer I have learned a lot. I wouldn't trade that for making things easier.

This summer has been different, and now I see what it was.


And I thought that's what school was for. ;)

I'm ready now to continue on, not rushing things, savoring my ... teenage.. hood..


Of course, I'll continue blogging- telling you all about it. =)

Thanks for sticking with me,
and thanks for reading this ever so long blog post.

Much appreciation,


Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I can't blog.

In this very "composition box," I've tried four different ways to start off this post.

None of them have proven successful, so we'll see if this one does...

What I've been wanting to tell you- what I've been struggling to tell you (I can't seem to speak properly today)- is I've had a revelation.

I know. So dramatic- but it's true.

This summer I was so determined that I was going to complete my album, that I forgot about everything else. Everything else being, my friends, my family, the beach, the river, the sun, late night movie marathons, playing grounders at the park... everything that I was also excited for when that last school bell rang.

I tied myself, unconditionally, to recording and producing my album. Which, I thought was good at the time. I was devoted- and don't get me wrong, I love doing it, but the part I don't love about it is the part I brought upon myself.

The stress.

Even after my first "deadline" fell through (which was set for the beginning of summer), I created another one right after, being for the end of summer.

I should have learned the first time it wasn't going to work in the same way.

I also should have known that a measly two months goes by really fast.

I've been told by some very wise people to not set a deadline for an album- to only announce it when it's finished. Otherwise, that deadline will be in the back of your mind the entire process, reminding you of the pressure and responsibility of keeping your word, making the experience inevitably


Now I really understand that concept, as I've been living it the past few months.

And now I've come full circle, having realized what it is I have to do next...

The same thing I've been doing, only without the stress and the pressure and the responsibility.

I am now officially allowing myself to continue on with my album, carefree.

I assure you, the finished product will be much more desirable, as I can now breathe.

^^ ahhh.

It feels better already!

So, to make sure you know what I mean, my album does NOT have a release date. I don't know when it will be finished. I could give an estimated guess, but that's almost as bad as a deadline itself.

However, I will keep you up to date with it's progress, through my blog, so you can estimate for yourself. ;)

I'll write soon- actually...

Till next time! =P


Monday, August 9, 2010

All the love you give
has no effect

on a heart that's
already wrecked.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summery state of mind (:

HI (:

Greetings from my summery state of mind!

A while ago I was either saying to a friend, or thinking to myself, how this summer wasn't feeling quite right. The weather has been iffy, I've only been swimming once (which is disgraceful), and on some occasions (much too many for summer) I would wake up WAY to early. We're talking 5:00 - 7:30 AM. Sometimes this would be by reason (like playing at the 100th Canadian Walmart Grand Opening) and sometimes, it would be by no particular reason at all- which is strange, and highly annoying.

However, for the past... maybe week and a bit (maybe more, maybe less) it has begun to feel much more familiar. I've been downtown, played some gigs, watched some gigs, met new people, met up with friends, seen some great movies, and basically just enjoyed everything.


So all in all, it's been a pretty lovely summer so far (:
I really can't complain.

As for the rest of it, me and my fam are going up island tomorrow to enjoy endless sun, beaches, and swimming. ^^ I am quite looking forward to that. :]

When we get back, it's PRODUCING, RECORDING AND CREATING for me. I have the rest of summer- that's almost an entire month- to focus on my album.

I'll keep you posted on my progress with it.

Wish me luck =)

Oh- and you have yourself a lovely summer as well :)