Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I can't blog.

In this very "composition box," I've tried four different ways to start off this post.

None of them have proven successful, so we'll see if this one does...

What I've been wanting to tell you- what I've been struggling to tell you (I can't seem to speak properly today)- is I've had a revelation.

I know. So dramatic- but it's true.

This summer I was so determined that I was going to complete my album, that I forgot about everything else. Everything else being, my friends, my family, the beach, the river, the sun, late night movie marathons, playing grounders at the park... everything that I was also excited for when that last school bell rang.

I tied myself, unconditionally, to recording and producing my album. Which, I thought was good at the time. I was devoted- and don't get me wrong, I love doing it, but the part I don't love about it is the part I brought upon myself.

The stress.

Even after my first "deadline" fell through (which was set for the beginning of summer), I created another one right after, being for the end of summer.

I should have learned the first time it wasn't going to work in the same way.

I also should have known that a measly two months goes by really fast.

I've been told by some very wise people to not set a deadline for an album- to only announce it when it's finished. Otherwise, that deadline will be in the back of your mind the entire process, reminding you of the pressure and responsibility of keeping your word, making the experience inevitably


Now I really understand that concept, as I've been living it the past few months.

And now I've come full circle, having realized what it is I have to do next...

The same thing I've been doing, only without the stress and the pressure and the responsibility.

I am now officially allowing myself to continue on with my album, carefree.

I assure you, the finished product will be much more desirable, as I can now breathe.

^^ ahhh.

It feels better already!

So, to make sure you know what I mean, my album does NOT have a release date. I don't know when it will be finished. I could give an estimated guess, but that's almost as bad as a deadline itself.

However, I will keep you up to date with it's progress, through my blog, so you can estimate for yourself. ;)

I'll write soon- actually...

Till next time! =P


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