Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Things.

Just a few quick things, three to be specific.

1. I love seeing my friends again. :)

2. I really enjoy taking video's with my new flip camcorder!

3. And I love Jason Reeves' music.


happy happy! ^_^

Oh! And I reached my little goal! Actually, I'm now even past that goal, I'm at 1008 views on this Blog.

Happy happy happy!! :D


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Knowing, or rather in reality, Not Knowing.

Me and my mum just watched the movie "The Knowing,"
you know, the one with Nicholas Cage in it.

It was a good movie, suspenseful, creepy (in a good way), action packed, but the ending was dissatisfying and weird to be quite frank with you.

Anyway, it got me thinking, I mean, I've thought about this before, it's always discomforted me. To be living in this day and age, in the 2000's is kind of creepy. Back in, let's say 1960's and on, that seems like a good time period to live in. But now, it's so.. unknown. What with all the global warming talk, and pollution, and that big earthquake that's supposed to happen soon. That could sound over dramatic..

Let's put it this way. We live in the future. In every single movie I see about the future, it never really ends good. It's always, present day, the future and then .. the end. It seems like this is our final stage as man kind.

Does that make any sense at all?

In this movie, the world ended by the sun emitting an enormous solar flare and burning the earth and every living thing on it. After the movie, when we were telling my dad about, he said "You know what's funny? In reality, the sun could actually give off a solar flare that WOULD destroy the earth."

O_o ha ha, that's so funny.



Not very comforting. And I thought that was just a scary movie..

What I'm trying to say is that, it's creepy to me to be living in, a little while from now, 2020.
It's so futuristic! Things back then seemed so simple, and you knew what was going to happen the next day, or the next year.. It seemed so reliable, and care free. Unlike now..

I mean, what if that big earthquake did happen as predicted? I know it will, but what if it did happen in the next 50 years? ._.

It's scary to think of.

I guess that's why people don't.

But I can't help myself.

Just a while ago, after a few death experiences I started actually thinking about my own life span. When I was young it never even occurred to me that one day I would die. I didn't think that far ahead. Now, I think about it a lot. I think about, "oh, that'll happen when I'm 26. And then soon I'll be 40, than 50.." It's hard to imagine yourself growing old, and then not growing at all. It seems so surreal. Unbelievable. Unfathomable.


But now, I'm more grateful as well. I try not to take things for granted. Or anyone.
I also think to myself, "this is the only time I have to be 15, so I better live it well, as a 15 year old." Like really, savour it. Savour every second of living.

That might be touching a little deep there, but hey, sometimes I do that.
I might as well write it in my blog.

Hope this entry didn't freak you out. But, I do hope it makes you more aware.
And tell the people that you love, that you love them, often.

Signing off,

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spreading myself to thin. o.o

Well, that was slightly annoying. o_o

Blogger wouldn't let me log in, and it scared me for a minute! I was sitting here trying to guess old passwords and Google e-mail addresses. O_O

But, I fixed it. Don't really know how. We'll see if I have a problem with it later.

But anyway, I just wanted to type up a new entry. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?


Lately, I feel like I'm spreading myself too thin.
I feel overwhelmed, and unorganized. =[ I do not like it.

All I want to focus on, (if i had my way) would be:

1. Preparing for my Saanich Fair performance.
2. Recording and producing the new album.
3. Practicing and filming cover's for YouTube.

That's it. Oh, and.

4. Be around people.
For a few days now, I've been secluded. I guess I'm the type of person who craves company.

But instead I find myself:

1. Keeping my Facebook (musician page) up to date. As well as my..
1 a) Myspace
1 b) Twitter
1 c) Website
1 d) YouTube
1 e) Zoxzy (don't ask)
1 f) Reverbnation
2. Sending out Newsletter's
3. Researching a whole heck of a lot on YouTube video's.
(how to make good ones people will ACTUALLY WATCH).

So basically, a lot of mind numbing .. crap to be honest with you. =P

Okay, so maybe that's a little mellow dramatic, but do you catch my drift?
It's, basically, a lot of internet marketing stuff, which was fun at first, but is really starting to wear on me now. I mean, I'm my own website designer, runner, facebook, myspace, etc, etc.. keeper, it's driving me a little bit CRAZY!

Especially since I'm kind of.. obsessive compulsive.
It's true, I just realized it a while ago. I obsess over thing's really easily.
And I don't think that's good.. or healthy. It certainly doesn't feel that way.

I feel like breaking off from it all for like, a week. See how it makes me feel. Probably more, I'll feel more clear. And at ease, I'll be able to sleep in in the morning. Not like lately, I've been a little wired.

So, I know I can't exactly break off from the internet for that long, I still want to maintain a relationship with my (fans) if you will. I can't just ignore them!

So, maybe I'll have to limit myself? Or, just, plan it better.
Like, 1 hour for internet marketing stuff a day. 1 1/2 at the most.
Then at least a couple hours for working on the new album, and the rest for practicing for the Saanich Fair and hanging out with friends, and then eating and sleeping and going to the bathroom, lol, I think you get it. :P

Maybe that's what I'll do..

=\ *thinking face*

Oh! Sadly enough one of the highlights of the day was watching the (new) New Moon Trailer. Now that I know how to embed things onto my blog, I thought that I would embed it. :)


... =o what?

UGH! Well the channel I got the video from won't allow embedding. >.<

Fine, I'll give you a stupid looking link..

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Cover of Summer Of '69, finally up on YouTube! :)


I am very happy and excited right now because today we finally posted my first cover video on YouTube! :)

It's to Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams, we filmed it yesterday. And boy, it was a prefect day for shooting it. It turned out just beautiful, which is good because it shouldn't be dark and cloudy for a cover of Summer Of '69. =P

I only have about 61 views so far and one comment, a constructive one.
But, I'm just so happy that it's finally up!

Even if I don't get much (0r any) recognition for it, I'm still proud of it. :)

I also have one more cover to post up. We filmed this one at night time, on the patio still. There's little lights in the background which makes it look really pretty, and I thought night would be cool for this cover, which is Building A Mystery by Sarah McLachlan.

Both of these covers I perform a lot when I go busking.
In fact, I'll probably play both oft them at Saanich Fair. Speaking of which, I created a gorup on Facebook yesterday called "I'm going to see Karly Summers play at Saanich Fair!" And already have what was it now?... 48 members? Something like that. Which makes me really happy because I would like to draw a crowd there this year. And it would almost be like a reuniting thing, too. Seeing kids and friends from school.

It should be loads of fun! =]

Come to think of it.. it's on September 5th, so that's *gulp* 4 days away from School starting again. O_O

Hm. I don't know how I feel about that..

Anyway, I've been on the computer for like, two hours now notifying everyone about the new video. And you know, putting it EVERYWHERE, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, my website, etc..

It's time for lunch!

But before I leave I need to put it one last place.. ;)


-Karly <33>

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Love Blogging, It's the Way to Go. :)

Howdy folks!

It looks like this having a blog thing might be catching on! :-)
Emily now has one, as well as Heather, but I've never seen hers before, I must! having a blog is actually so cool. I love it, just a place to truly express myself, and I like to have as little limitations involved in that as possible. BUT, it's not like I'm going to go on here and complain about someone and mention them by name. Although, I'm not really one to do that.. much anyway. =P haha

As little limitations as possible meaning, I write about my true feelings. If I'm feeling mad, or depressed or crazy, I will state that. Right now I'm feeling... pre' good. C= I just got out of the shower, I feel clean and refreshed after a little exercise. IS ALL GOOD =)

Tonight I had the whole upstairs to myself. It was rad. ;)
I kind of like that sometimes. I think everyone does.

Oh, another thing I wanted to mention about the positive things about having a blog for me, anyway, is I actually use it. Lately, well, the past like, 3 years or so, I have not been able to steadily keep a Journal. I'd always end up purchasing a brand new beautiful one, write in it for about a week and then never touch it again. Actually that's not true. After that 1st week of writing in it I usually end up jotting down lyrics that never go anywhere in them and that just ruins the flow of them. After i do that i have to buy a new one and start over.

I know that's weird, but there's my perfectionism coming to a head, yet again. So, the good thing about having a blog is that I can write in it (i mean type in it, lol) steadily for a week, then stop completely. Then just pick back up from where i started.

Also, I find that in a Journal I end up writing more about what's happening in my life then how I feel about it. Which isn't very constructive for me.

Blog's are the way to go. I also really like that you can post pictures. :) That's neato. =P
And, share it with your friends! AND, personalize it. ANNDD, change it, the color the background, the whole style of it, whenever you want. It's something I can see myself keeping for the rest of my life. Wouldn't that be cool? To have blog entry's from when I was 15 till I'm, let's say.. 40? I think that would be CRAZY! Can Blogger even keep that much information in one blog? I hope so! :P

Oh, my mum just arrived home from one of her friend's birthday party's. And Louie just woke up because she came through the door.

I'm off now!

Tty sometime in the future. ;)


Monday, August 17, 2009

I understand why guys don't like Twilight. It's completely comprehendible.

It's 2:35 AM, but I had to write a blog entry.

Never thought that this would happen in a million years...


He didn't like it either. But I can live with that. =P
I just can't believe he watched the whole thing, aside from one scene.

I didn't expect him to like it. I mean, think about the reasons why us teenage girls love it so much. Bottom line, cause it's a Love Story. Sure, there's vampires and legends and shape shifters to boot, but we all know the main reason we love it.
That's why mainly girls love it. What guy goes out to see love story's instead of action or horror? Their called "chick flicks" for a reason.

So I understand why guys don't like Twilight. It's completely comprehendible.
The same goes for why girls don't enjoy war movies. ALTHOUGH, almost every single movie, (ALMOST) has a love story entwined in it.

Funny huh? ^_^

Anyway, I just wanted to rant about that.

I love Twilight if you haven't already guessed or previously known that. I like the book better though. For many reasons. I could go on about that, like I did tonight with Tisha, but it would probably be better to turn off this computer and my night lamp and go to sleep. Were going to the Sooke Pot Holes tomorrow with everyone, and were going pretty early.

Yesterday I went to bed at 3 in the morning, looks like I'm following the same trend tonight. Which isn't wise since I felt like ass when I woke up at 10:30 AM. But, I suppose the freezing cold river water at Sooke will wake me up, if nothing else.

Peace, love & Twilight. ;)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reminiscing on My Summer so Far..


So.... summer's almost over. O_O

When I think about, that's right. SUMMER'S ALMOST OVER. =O

So, what have I done?
Well, let's see.. I haven't been blogging very much, that's for sure. =P I wish I had, but there wasn't much time for me to do so. And I'm not just making excuses. No matter how relaxing you think my summer has been, which it was... to a degree. It was mostly kind of hectic. And, on the go.

My summer has mostly consisted of me, my mum, and my cousin driving to and from gig's I have every weekend, and sometimes on Wednesday's... always Wednesday's if it's not the weekend. =P lol. It's been fun though, I gotta say. But, also, I feel strange. I haven't seen the majority of my friends in, well a month and a half. although, that's not entirely true. I did see my friend Sarah a while ago. She came out to one of my gig's, because, well SHE'S AWESOME! :) We had fun, I still have to give her the photobooth picture's we took at the mall. :P

That was a good day. =]
I also went to the sooke pot holes a few times. The first time was with Little Carley. Man, she'll never get out of having that title will she? ^.^
I went to the Paramore/No Doubt concert with my two friends, Ashley and Heather. That was a blast! I think I already blogged about that..

But anyway, I have done quite a lot of things now that I think back. =)
& that's good.

I've had a lot of fun with my cousin Tisha. And it was awesome when everyone came out together. So that's my family + my aunt Melody, Daryl, Brianna & Tisha, 3 of my cousins. It was a riot. It really was. I think I blogged about that too. Lol, =P
Here's a picture of my brother, Chase, me, Tisha and Bri. It's awesome cause our ages go in order. I'm 15, Tisha's 16, my brother's 17 and Bri's 18. ^_^

Their such great people. I love them. :)

I've had an adventurous summer all in all. And I'd like to say I'm ready for the new year, and the new school year, but I'M NOT. =P I still want time to myself. To work on my music, finish recordings, film a music video. I'm gonna have to squeeze all of those things- and more, in to the last, what? 3 weeks I have left of summer.

I think I can do it. ._.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I guess this is why I haven't been blogging lately."

It's 11:30 PM, I'm very tired and have a headache coming on, but I have to type up a post IMMEDIATELY. It's just, I haven't in so long, and I feel bad about it. I usually end up not doing the things I set out to do- you know, the personal goals that I set for myself. Those usually never really happen. I suppose because it's just no natural.

Boy, it really feels like summer... besides the weather. =P
My family (my cousins and my aunt) are here visiting, so it's a full house to say the least. Oh, and they also brought their dog too. Lol, "and their little dog too." ^.^
It's been pretty crazy lately, pretty busy to be summer. But, it definitely feels like it. Were in the midst of August now, all the family's here, we stay up late every night talking about everything that we haven't been there to witness ourselves in the past year since we've seen each other last. We only meet up in the summer. Kind of crazy. But that's going to change soon.

Man, in fact, their all in the living room right now talking about funny things.
I want to go talk about funny things too!

I guess this is why I haven't been blogging lately.

But, I will, just later. :P

Bye for now!

Oh, I'm still doing the daily photo though. Check out my Facebook Album "A photo a day keeps the blues away : )" here..