Monday, August 24, 2009

My Cover of Summer Of '69, finally up on YouTube! :)


I am very happy and excited right now because today we finally posted my first cover video on YouTube! :)

It's to Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams, we filmed it yesterday. And boy, it was a prefect day for shooting it. It turned out just beautiful, which is good because it shouldn't be dark and cloudy for a cover of Summer Of '69. =P

I only have about 61 views so far and one comment, a constructive one.
But, I'm just so happy that it's finally up!

Even if I don't get much (0r any) recognition for it, I'm still proud of it. :)

I also have one more cover to post up. We filmed this one at night time, on the patio still. There's little lights in the background which makes it look really pretty, and I thought night would be cool for this cover, which is Building A Mystery by Sarah McLachlan.

Both of these covers I perform a lot when I go busking.
In fact, I'll probably play both oft them at Saanich Fair. Speaking of which, I created a gorup on Facebook yesterday called "I'm going to see Karly Summers play at Saanich Fair!" And already have what was it now?... 48 members? Something like that. Which makes me really happy because I would like to draw a crowd there this year. And it would almost be like a reuniting thing, too. Seeing kids and friends from school.

It should be loads of fun! =]

Come to think of it.. it's on September 5th, so that's *gulp* 4 days away from School starting again. O_O

Hm. I don't know how I feel about that..

Anyway, I've been on the computer for like, two hours now notifying everyone about the new video. And you know, putting it EVERYWHERE, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, my website, etc..

It's time for lunch!

But before I leave I need to put it one last place.. ;)


-Karly <33>


Takakow said...

Congratulations on your achivement. STAR .

Anonymous said...

very nice im excited to see you play at the fair (but not too excited becaused as you said its so close to school) keep on doing your thing :D

Karly Summers said...

Thanks you two! :)