Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reminiscing on My Summer so Far..


So.... summer's almost over. O_O

When I think about, that's right. SUMMER'S ALMOST OVER. =O

So, what have I done?
Well, let's see.. I haven't been blogging very much, that's for sure. =P I wish I had, but there wasn't much time for me to do so. And I'm not just making excuses. No matter how relaxing you think my summer has been, which it was... to a degree. It was mostly kind of hectic. And, on the go.

My summer has mostly consisted of me, my mum, and my cousin driving to and from gig's I have every weekend, and sometimes on Wednesday's... always Wednesday's if it's not the weekend. =P lol. It's been fun though, I gotta say. But, also, I feel strange. I haven't seen the majority of my friends in, well a month and a half. although, that's not entirely true. I did see my friend Sarah a while ago. She came out to one of my gig's, because, well SHE'S AWESOME! :) We had fun, I still have to give her the photobooth picture's we took at the mall. :P

That was a good day. =]
I also went to the sooke pot holes a few times. The first time was with Little Carley. Man, she'll never get out of having that title will she? ^.^
I went to the Paramore/No Doubt concert with my two friends, Ashley and Heather. That was a blast! I think I already blogged about that..

But anyway, I have done quite a lot of things now that I think back. =)
& that's good.

I've had a lot of fun with my cousin Tisha. And it was awesome when everyone came out together. So that's my family + my aunt Melody, Daryl, Brianna & Tisha, 3 of my cousins. It was a riot. It really was. I think I blogged about that too. Lol, =P
Here's a picture of my brother, Chase, me, Tisha and Bri. It's awesome cause our ages go in order. I'm 15, Tisha's 16, my brother's 17 and Bri's 18. ^_^

Their such great people. I love them. :)

I've had an adventurous summer all in all. And I'd like to say I'm ready for the new year, and the new school year, but I'M NOT. =P I still want time to myself. To work on my music, finish recordings, film a music video. I'm gonna have to squeeze all of those things- and more, in to the last, what? 3 weeks I have left of summer.

I think I can do it. ._.

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