Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Love Blogging, It's the Way to Go. :)

Howdy folks!

It looks like this having a blog thing might be catching on! :-)
Emily now has one, as well as Heather, but I've never seen hers before, I must! having a blog is actually so cool. I love it, just a place to truly express myself, and I like to have as little limitations involved in that as possible. BUT, it's not like I'm going to go on here and complain about someone and mention them by name. Although, I'm not really one to do that.. much anyway. =P haha

As little limitations as possible meaning, I write about my true feelings. If I'm feeling mad, or depressed or crazy, I will state that. Right now I'm feeling... pre' good. C= I just got out of the shower, I feel clean and refreshed after a little exercise. IS ALL GOOD =)

Tonight I had the whole upstairs to myself. It was rad. ;)
I kind of like that sometimes. I think everyone does.

Oh, another thing I wanted to mention about the positive things about having a blog for me, anyway, is I actually use it. Lately, well, the past like, 3 years or so, I have not been able to steadily keep a Journal. I'd always end up purchasing a brand new beautiful one, write in it for about a week and then never touch it again. Actually that's not true. After that 1st week of writing in it I usually end up jotting down lyrics that never go anywhere in them and that just ruins the flow of them. After i do that i have to buy a new one and start over.

I know that's weird, but there's my perfectionism coming to a head, yet again. So, the good thing about having a blog is that I can write in it (i mean type in it, lol) steadily for a week, then stop completely. Then just pick back up from where i started.

Also, I find that in a Journal I end up writing more about what's happening in my life then how I feel about it. Which isn't very constructive for me.

Blog's are the way to go. I also really like that you can post pictures. :) That's neato. =P
And, share it with your friends! AND, personalize it. ANNDD, change it, the color the background, the whole style of it, whenever you want. It's something I can see myself keeping for the rest of my life. Wouldn't that be cool? To have blog entry's from when I was 15 till I'm, let's say.. 40? I think that would be CRAZY! Can Blogger even keep that much information in one blog? I hope so! :P

Oh, my mum just arrived home from one of her friend's birthday party's. And Louie just woke up because she came through the door.

I'm off now!

Tty sometime in the future. ;)


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Rebecca said...

Hey! Blogging IS unbelieveably cool. I had one called "B.L.O.G." in grade 8 or nine that stoodfor "Bugs Loser Online Giraffe" (dont ask), then in grade 9/10 I switched to"Becca, If You Care" and this whole grade 11 year it's been "Beccys Rants"
I got my bff Hales hooked on it, and Chanice, and Rosie started a little after hales dd I think. :)

PS. i played that market square doo-dad! Check out my LATEST blog for details!!!! it was FUUUUN! the sound ws incredible.