Friday, July 18, 2008

Organic Festival

Hey Everyone!

As you can see this is my first ever Journal Entry and I think this event is a great one to start it off with. About a week and a half ago I played at the Organic Festival. I busked there, and I also got to play on the Main Stage. It was so great! It was basically my 1st ever experience with busking and it went so well. I mean doing something that I love to do AND getting paid for it? What more could I ever ask for! And after my set on the Main Stage this old man came up to me and and gave me $20.00! I talked to him and he was very nice, not to mention generous! 
It was a great day. =)

Very 1st Entry!

Hey Everybody!

I just created this Journal a few minutes ago, and I wanted something to be on it, so I'm going to start it off with some previous events that I don't have photo's of, but were very cool! =] Just last night I played at the Sidney Street Market, and it was SO awesome! I made a few pretty penny's ($235.28 to be exact) which will go towards my savings for a new keyboard, which I am in desperate need of. As soon as I get my new keyboard, I will record a song that I wrote on piano. I started taking piano lessons in January, and have loved it ever since. Anyway, the Market went great and I'm doing that every Thursday until Sept. 4th. 
Just about a week before that, I busked at the Organic Festival. That also went really well, I got to play on the Main Stage and after my set this old man came up to me and gave me $20.00! It was so sweet =) Actually I have a picture of that! Yay!