Monday, December 21, 2009

Good News & Bad News


Alright, I have good news and bad news. But the bad news isn't really that bad, depending on how much you enjoy reading my blog, or if you even read it at all. =P

Anyway, I'll tell you the "bad" news first, because then after the good news just cancels it out! ... right? lol.

So the bad news is I bought Twilight Journals over the weekend.
Why is this bad? Well, because I'm actually starting to use them and that means I won't be writing in my Blog nearly as often. So far, I've been writing in these journals every day. And I'm actually enjoying it. I have so much more freedom in writing in a physical journal. I can draw, and I can say ANYTHING.



Fun fact: I still use emoticons when I write. =P

So, expect a bit less of my entry's over the next.. while. Well, however long it takes me to fill the pages of.. all four journals. Ha.. sorry? I'll visit! I will though! I'll still write in this blog, just not as often. I'll write about more interesting things to, not just my stupid thoughts. :P

Like, this next announcement- The good news!


NOTE: The video is cut off on the right. If you'd like to watch the full version click here.

I thought this song would be perfect to cover. It's my little present to you! ^-^

I hope you like it! =]

Tty .. maybe not so soon. =P
I'll be back, EVENTUALLY!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Past Week in Pictures

Seasons greetings! *

A lot of good things have been happening lately, and it's making me feel (you guessed it) GOOD! =P I was feeling pretty down up until about a week or so ago, and now I'm feeling quite positive.

This is a very good thing.

I might be in the clear. ;) And I mean really, how can I be down at this time of year? All the lights and decorations, the hot chocolate and gingerbread men, the warmest feeling around- even though it's the coldest outside. It's great! =) There's certainly nothing like Christmas time!

The two greatest seasons for me are Summer and Winter. Summer for summer break (that's the obvious one), swimming, busking, festivals and family visiting. :) Winter for the warmth, snow, that magical feeling, presents and again, family visiting! =]

I'm so excited for my cousins to come out this Christmas! And for some of them, it's our very first Christmas spent in the same province. Our first one together.. and so, it's going to be the best one yet. FOR SURE :D There has been lots of preparing for this Christmas, and the only thing I haven't done yet is.. bought presents. ._. I know it's really last minute, but I have to do that this weekend. First I have to figure out what I'm getting everyone- and that's going to be a task on it's own.

But alas, I can do it!

That kind of seems like my motto lately. =P The only thing stopping me, is me. That's what I like to think anyway. ;)

ANYWAY, I wanted to post a few pictures of some of the happenings of the past week or so in this entry. GET READY, because I underestimated how many photo's there were. Enough to start a photo album on Facebook, that's for sure. But I like putting them here. :-) You, the readers of my personal blog, deserve to see them more. So, enjoy! =3

NOTE: Click to enlarge any picture.

Our Journey begins upon the 10th of December...

My mum and I decorated the Christmas tree very traditional this year. =]

On the 11th I played at the Bay Center for the Mustard Seed (Food Bank) for the 2nd time in the food court...

And got a great response from the "audience." :)

After, we ran into Annika and Mario, my two biggest fans! =)

And after loading my gear into the van, me and my mum had time for some shopping. :]

On the 13th, we went out to the Keg to celebrate my Dad's 49th Birthday.

The food was SPECTACULAR (yes, that's right) and so was the company. =]

ALSO, the cake was AMAZING. O_o Seriously, probably the best cake I've ever had.


On December 14th it snowed! This made almost everyone happy. =P

On the 16th, one day short of being one month after my 16th birthday, I got my L. Well, in this picture you see me sitting at the test machine completing the test...

And in this picture, you clearly see that we both passed. (Me and my brother) Although, I was just slightly more excited than he was. :P

Later that same day, we filmed the new music video (that's being put on YouTube this weekend) for my version of White Christmas. :]

It's definitely the most elaborate video we've done so far. From types and amounts of different camera angles to just the "set" alone.

And, there you have it! The past week summed up in .. 14 pictures! lol. You can probably tell by these pictures that it's been quite busy lately, and it has. But it's been a really fun week. :] A really happy week! ^-^

NOTE #2: This blog entry took me so long to type up and add all the pictures, it took me a span over two days to do it. Here's two pictures added from the extra day..

The last few days of school were a breeze. We didn't do much work, and it was mostly just fun Christmas stuff. Like in Cooking we made gingerbread men... see! (below)

As for today, the last day of school before the break, I ended up only going to one class. Instead of going to second block I went to the mall with my friends and shopped for last-minute Christmas presents. It was quite dandy! ^-^

So, it's been pretty great lately. I'm finally getting the Christmas vibe, feeling jolly and all. ;) And school's out! So I have so much more time!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this unorganized entry. I'll write another (better) one soon!

Signing off,

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello again!

Just wanted to write a blog post to organize my thoughts and goals. I feel like I've got quite a big helping on my plate right now, and I'm just not sure how to attack it. =P

First) There's my music. Which always comes somewhere near the very beginning of my thought process. And right now, what I'm thinking about is my first album. I've finished producing 3 songs (almost 4) that of which includes You'll Never Know, Rewind, Push and Play It Again is the one I'm almost done. It just needs some tweaking. So timeline wise, I'm pretty much on schedule, but I'd like to pick up the pace a bit. You see, I still have to record the harmony's for Rewind, and all the vocals and guitar for Push and Play It Again. At this point I'm just done doing all the Garageband work for those songs. Their still technically not finished. So that worries me just a tad, for I still have 6 more songs to complete by this May (June at the latest).


I can do that right?

Yes, I CAN...


And I must! And besides, not all of the songs have to be completely or overly produced. Just the main ones. I was even thinking of doing some more acoustic songs. Maybe with just a little strings, or electric guitar. Hmm.. I'm gonna play around with them. But I've decided that at the least, there are 7 songs that must be fully produced. And they are:

1) You'll Never Know
2) Rewind
3) Push
4) I Can Hear You
5) Stay Strong
6) Goody Two Shoes
7) Play It Again

And those are the songs I'm working on getting done right now. Then after that, I have to decide the 3 songs that also make it onto the record. And produce those! When I'm doing that, that'll be the home stretch. Actually.. maybe not just yet.


After I'm done those 3 I will have completed my 10 song CD. =D And after that all there is left to do is choose and make the acoustic versions of two songs. That will be easy, and fun! ^.^

So there's my game plan for my album. Now I just have to stick with it and get 'er done! So far it's been pretty fun, but things have slowed down dramatically because of my illness (don't worry, just the common cold) and ..


AAAHHH! I know. -_-
It's starting to get to me again. It just seems to be in the way! And it doesn't help that I'm starting to fall behind. =( With math (which was a given) and social studies (BIG TIME). I really have to pull it together. Not for me, but for my music. If I get too behind, juggling everything plus extra homework is going to be a struggle. Heck, I feel like I'm struggling already as it is! I mean, I'm okay with falling behind in school and getting a lesser grade because of it, but I'm definitely not okay with falling behind on my album and having to delay the release.

Which is why I must hold it together. And not go insane during the process.

I need to work really hard.

... Great! Nothing says buckling down and working hard like Christmas. x_x

But actually, the break from school helps a lot! In fact, I produced You'll Never Know during last years Winter break, which is what inspired this whole project! =]

=o Oh man, I produced You'll Never Know.. a year ago. O.o

Hm. =\

Well anyway, I just have to stay positive, motivated and hard working.

I've done enough slacking lately, and come to think of it, maybe that's one of the things that's been getting me down. I always feel better when I do something productive. I guess I hate being lazy, even though I can be sometimes.

Well, I think I've taken up a pretty good portion of your day, so that's all for now!

I'll check in soon, hopefully to report some progress.

Signing off,
Karly S

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I like this new hobby I've discovered; "Reading."

Hello, once again.

Today while I was laying on my bed, being old fashioned and reading a book, something occurred to me. I realized why people read books, and why people like reading books. It's because for one: Reading a book is a completely different experience then any other form of entertainment. It's certainly the most private, and it's just plain text. It leaves so much for the reader to create and visualize how they want the story to be portrayed. Unlike a movie experience. And the most pressing reason, for myself personally, is: It gives you a break from your own life. It's so relaxing and calming to sit down with a book and be taken to an entirely different place. Someone else's life, with their thoughts and their problems, and their reality. One that is not your own.

It really is the ultimate way to breathe. The alternative to breathing.

I just really realized this about an hour or less ago, when I was reading this book that I bought this weekend. When I had nothing to do. --Wait, scratch that. When I didn't want to do anything. Cause the truth is, I had plenty of things to do. There are always plenty of things to do, it's just a matter of having the desire to do these things. And sometimes, nothing seems like a viable option. Or one good enough.

Anyway, I underestimated the power of a good read. I also underestimated the power of a good read that isn't Twilight. =P If you've been reading my blog, or even just know me personally, you should know by now that I heart Twilight. <3>

The book that I'm currently reading, and the one that triggered this mini epiphany is called "It's kind of a funny story" By Ned Vizzini. So far, the title reads true; it is a funny story- if you find depression funny.

Actually, it's kind of a coincidence because when I was browsing the bookstore, I was in a pretty depressed state, and at first I didn't pick it out. What I did pick out, instinctively, was a New Moon Movie Companion. That I spotted straight away. But it took me the second time around the same bookshelf to come across this paperback novel. And finally opening up and even giving any attention to a book that isn't apart of the Twilight Series. I'd hate to say I was being closed minded- but I guess you can just decide that for yourself.

I like this new hobby I've discovered.



I think I'll be doing that more often. :)

Every now and then it's good to get away. And living in Canada during the winter months cancels out escaping on a bike all year round. So, books will have to suffice for the time being.

If anyone has any good book recommendations, leave me a shout out! I need a good.. ohh.. five or so month supply. ;)

Signing off,