Monday, December 7, 2009


Hello again!

Just wanted to write a blog post to organize my thoughts and goals. I feel like I've got quite a big helping on my plate right now, and I'm just not sure how to attack it. =P

First) There's my music. Which always comes somewhere near the very beginning of my thought process. And right now, what I'm thinking about is my first album. I've finished producing 3 songs (almost 4) that of which includes You'll Never Know, Rewind, Push and Play It Again is the one I'm almost done. It just needs some tweaking. So timeline wise, I'm pretty much on schedule, but I'd like to pick up the pace a bit. You see, I still have to record the harmony's for Rewind, and all the vocals and guitar for Push and Play It Again. At this point I'm just done doing all the Garageband work for those songs. Their still technically not finished. So that worries me just a tad, for I still have 6 more songs to complete by this May (June at the latest).


I can do that right?

Yes, I CAN...


And I must! And besides, not all of the songs have to be completely or overly produced. Just the main ones. I was even thinking of doing some more acoustic songs. Maybe with just a little strings, or electric guitar. Hmm.. I'm gonna play around with them. But I've decided that at the least, there are 7 songs that must be fully produced. And they are:

1) You'll Never Know
2) Rewind
3) Push
4) I Can Hear You
5) Stay Strong
6) Goody Two Shoes
7) Play It Again

And those are the songs I'm working on getting done right now. Then after that, I have to decide the 3 songs that also make it onto the record. And produce those! When I'm doing that, that'll be the home stretch. Actually.. maybe not just yet.


After I'm done those 3 I will have completed my 10 song CD. =D And after that all there is left to do is choose and make the acoustic versions of two songs. That will be easy, and fun! ^.^

So there's my game plan for my album. Now I just have to stick with it and get 'er done! So far it's been pretty fun, but things have slowed down dramatically because of my illness (don't worry, just the common cold) and ..


AAAHHH! I know. -_-
It's starting to get to me again. It just seems to be in the way! And it doesn't help that I'm starting to fall behind. =( With math (which was a given) and social studies (BIG TIME). I really have to pull it together. Not for me, but for my music. If I get too behind, juggling everything plus extra homework is going to be a struggle. Heck, I feel like I'm struggling already as it is! I mean, I'm okay with falling behind in school and getting a lesser grade because of it, but I'm definitely not okay with falling behind on my album and having to delay the release.

Which is why I must hold it together. And not go insane during the process.

I need to work really hard.

... Great! Nothing says buckling down and working hard like Christmas. x_x

But actually, the break from school helps a lot! In fact, I produced You'll Never Know during last years Winter break, which is what inspired this whole project! =]

=o Oh man, I produced You'll Never Know.. a year ago. O.o

Hm. =\

Well anyway, I just have to stay positive, motivated and hard working.

I've done enough slacking lately, and come to think of it, maybe that's one of the things that's been getting me down. I always feel better when I do something productive. I guess I hate being lazy, even though I can be sometimes.

Well, I think I've taken up a pretty good portion of your day, so that's all for now!

I'll check in soon, hopefully to report some progress.

Signing off,
Karly S

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