Monday, December 21, 2009

Good News & Bad News


Alright, I have good news and bad news. But the bad news isn't really that bad, depending on how much you enjoy reading my blog, or if you even read it at all. =P

Anyway, I'll tell you the "bad" news first, because then after the good news just cancels it out! ... right? lol.

So the bad news is I bought Twilight Journals over the weekend.
Why is this bad? Well, because I'm actually starting to use them and that means I won't be writing in my Blog nearly as often. So far, I've been writing in these journals every day. And I'm actually enjoying it. I have so much more freedom in writing in a physical journal. I can draw, and I can say ANYTHING.



Fun fact: I still use emoticons when I write. =P

So, expect a bit less of my entry's over the next.. while. Well, however long it takes me to fill the pages of.. all four journals. Ha.. sorry? I'll visit! I will though! I'll still write in this blog, just not as often. I'll write about more interesting things to, not just my stupid thoughts. :P

Like, this next announcement- The good news!


NOTE: The video is cut off on the right. If you'd like to watch the full version click here.

I thought this song would be perfect to cover. It's my little present to you! ^-^

I hope you like it! =]

Tty .. maybe not so soon. =P
I'll be back, EVENTUALLY!


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charles said...

So i have a "Karly Summers" gadget on my igoogle home page, and therefore i play yer music pretty often. My fave:You'll never know. No, i mean the song! It's how i felt watching you play in Bastion sqr. this summer.(sigh) Anyways i want to thank you for your music and i am excited for you and the success that will come your way!

sending you love and light,