Friday, January 8, 2010

Newness :)

Happy New Year everyone! ^-^

Isn't living in the year 2010 crazy? Answer: Yes. This world is insane. I have reasons to back this up, but this isn't what I want to discuss for my first blog entry of the year.

What do I want to discuss?


Now I've completely lost you. =P You see, for the past couple months I have been lost. I've just been kind of roaming around, not getting anything done (even though I have so much to do), and finding excuses to do nothing.

The turning around of this cycle started with school being disguised as a wake up call. In the form of homework. I surprised myself by getting a crap load of work done in just a few days. I worked really hard, and I seemed to feel good again.

It's like, when I'm unproductive I feel like crap.


When I'm doing something happy, something that I enjoy and that just happens to be productive as well I feel 100%. And I guess that's why I was feeling lousy. Because I wasn't getting anywhere with my album and my music is all of those things to me.

Tonight though, is when this changed. :]
And I am "SUPER BEST" happy! (Don't ask :P)

I finally started I Can Hear You which is my 5th song for my album. I'm on my way! Got to stay focused: deadline is the end of May. I'm feeling pretty good about it now. And this is GREAT because I was so tense about it before. This is really giving me the boost of confidence I needed deeply.


On another note: hope you like the new layout! :) Thought I could use a fresh start on here too, plus I was getting bored of the old one. I suppose I was also bored of my Twitter layout, since I changed it too.

MENTAL NOTE: Have to get my mum to write a new Biography for me!

So many new things, it's making me excited!

Well, cheers to the future -but don't forget to cherish the moment. ;)

Singing off,

P.S. My Holidays were splendid. =) Just thought I'd cover that too.

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