Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time runs, really fast.

Time runs, really fast.

I feel like it's sprinting away from me.

I'm turning seventeen in six days. I know that's not a huge milestone, but it certainly holds importance to me. A lot has changed in the past two years of my life, and I can only imagine what changes are still to come.

It's my grad year. That alone is a HUGE change.

So far, grade 12's been good. Busy, but still good I'd say.

Everyday I make films with my friends, study English literature with some really cool and interesting people, and write.

Currently, I'm writing a play. I've never written a play before, so it's a very new experience. To be honest, my first playwriting experience has been REALLY rushed, and that's a part of school I am not so fond of. I'm a slow person, with many things. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist, so time limits are not cool beans with me.

My play is supposed to be finished by tomorrow. I'm at 28 pages (it has to be 30), so I'm almost there, but I still haven't wrapped my brain around how I'm concluding it.

Between this play, a webseries I'm editing, and my first English LIT midterm coming up (on my birthday I might add), I'm pretty swamped.

In other words, songwriting and producing my album have been neglected.

I am still, however, driven to finish my record. Especially since the Garageband upgrade with iLife '11 provides exactly what I need in order to complete it on my own.

Tempo changes!



Today is Thursday, remembrance day, so I have the day off.

I will wear my poppy, finish my play, finish editing the webseries and while I'm studying for my upcoming English LIT midterm I shall update my computer, and hopefully have time to start playing around with some of my music.

^^ ahh.

Ready.. set... GO!

xx Karly