Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blog in which I mention tomorrow being an eventful day, along with Grant and Sarah, two of my awesome friends. :]

Hm.. do math homework or write in my blog?..


Tomorrow is an eventful day.
Three eventful things are happening.

1. It's picture day - So everyone is going to get dressed up all nice and pretay! :P lol
2. Were going to Hiro's (It's Hiro's Thursday!) according to me, Heather and Grant. :]
3. Little Carley (aka my awesome ex neighborhood friend) is coming over after school!

In the words of Grant Alyn McLachlan..



Indeed it will be. I'm actually kind of liking school right now. My classes, all around, are pretty fun. Besides math, but even that's not too bad. Sarah's in it for instance!

Oh, since I'm mentioning Sarah..


"This is my 2nd Vlog.
It wasn't shot specifically for that purpose only, but we had a ton of fun filming it, as you can see, lol. This is an example of the kinds of things we do together. :P

When I say "we" I mean me and my friend that I met last year, in none other than Drama class. (I've met so many of my friends in drama classes over the years)

Her name's Sarah, Sarah Jaaaaane Cashin. :D
She's pretty amazing I'd say. She wants to be an SNL actor (her dream job) and that's made pretty obvious in this video. =P

I have the funnest time with her. (and yes I know funnest isn't a word).
She's the one that I can sleep over at her house and really not sleep at all. :P
We stay up till 5 in the morning, earliest was 3 or 4 I think, lol.

She's just hilarious.
I like having hilarious people in my life.
It makes it better. :)

Oh, and p.s. - don't judge us. ;) lol



Okay, that was what I was GOING TO write for my 2nd Vlog.
But sadly the upload didn't work because it's 9 minutes long. :( sad face.

But I had to put that up because, well, Sarah is the greatest!


That's two of my friends I've mentioned in this here blog.

Oh man, I love my friends so much.
Have I mentioned this before? Well in case I haven't..


They really, truly are.

Also, since I'm on the topic of awesome people,
my family is also pretty great. :)

In fact, right now I want to go run off with my mother and watch some TV and bake cookies. :) Isn't that such a mother-daughter thing to do? :P

So, until next time..
And I think I'm gonna post a special picture.. or maybe a few.. tee hee.. on here later.

So stay tuned! :]


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