Friday, September 11, 2009

"Have you ever met someone that confused you?"

Have you ever met someone that confused you?

Like literally, confused you. Like, the things that they say and do don't make sense to you.
From the way that they act, to the way that they look at you.

I've met somebody like that.

Of course, all of the people involved in my life (well with situations that are bad and.. weird) are left anonymous. So I won't name this person.

But I suppose, that's irrelevant anyway.

It's more of the circumstance.

It's just kind of funny.
It makes you think, it makes you question things. It makes you wonder..

Hm. =\

Well, I have all weekend to wonder, I won't see them again till then.

School is taking up a big fat chunk of my life.
And I don't like it. I'm not saying I don't like school, I'm saying I don't like how time consuming it is. So I've decided to just be a busy, positive person this year. Just go with the flow, and work a lot on my music on the weekends. I still really want to make my first album, and I won't let school interfere with that. Even though IT'S SO TIME CONSUMING.

lol, I'm so good at looking on the down side of things.
And I know how bad of a quality that is to have.

I just know that last year, going to high school, I didn't work as near as much on my music as I have been these past few weeks of summer. And now, even though school is back, I'm still going to try and keep working hard at it.

I call my music "my work" but it's really my play.
It's only technically work when I go busking, or play a gig anywhere, because I get paid.

lol, obviously.

So, that's today for you.
That's my thoughts and goals.

I'm going to go think some more and work towards achieving them. =P

Signing off,

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