Monday, September 14, 2009

A blog entry you probably won't want to even bother reading

I think that I hate routines.

School is one of those routines.. that I hate.

Like I said before it's insanely time consuming, it disrupts your peaceful morning, fills your day with non productive things (from my perspective anyway) and you don't, well I don't end up getting home till 4. And by the time that happens I'm tired, and I just want to relax. So i don't do anything, then we have dinner, and then it's late and I'm even more tired, and usually anyway, I just don't do anything.

lol. LAAAME, i know.

It's probably just how I'm feeling now.
I think I'm feeling quite depressed and down about it.

It's just the mood I'm in, I'll presume.


I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING.
Do you ever get like that? Where you literally just want to lay , i don't know, on your bed, or the couch and just lay there. I was thinking to myself, well I'm tired and I really don't want to do anything so, I could have a shower.. and I didn't even want to do that.

lol, this could be a little to much information for all of you out there, but, none the less, that is the fact. And that is what happened.

I don't lie much. or at all really.
Unless it's completely relevant. ;)

--- Just took a break to find my cat and play with him.
He's been depressed also lately. For a few weeks.. his name's Louie. :P
He's meowing right now...ugghh... he's become a lot of work.

------ Well, I just successfully played with him.
Didn't know that was possible. When he pounces, he actually doesn't bite and
scratch. He really is just playing. He's not trying to kill us! =o

He's lonely. That's why he's depressed and down.

Hmm.. that could be someone else's problem too..

He need's a friend. My mum actually mentioned the thought that we could get another cat. I thought that would be so cute, of course. Louie definitely needs a little friend. We can't play with him every second of the day, which is what he seems to want right now.


Wow, two sighs! =o
Could that be a record?

Well, I think I'm gonna have that shower now.
To be completely honest, I don't even feel like typing this entry up right now.

I'm in a "blah" mood.
And I can't even blame it on my period. :P

bahaha, sorry for any guys that happen to be reading this right now.
But, if your gonna read a 15 year old girl's blog, a very truthful 15 year old girl, that's bound to be mentioned at least once. lol

So, you asked for it! =P

Any who,
School tomorrow, must completely veg until then.
Sounds like a good game plan to me!


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