Monday, September 7, 2009

Very First Vlog! - Saanich Fair 2009

So this is my very first Vlog! :)

It's quite an exciting moment, going down in history. ;)
It'll make my blog a little bit more real and entertaining.

I thought this would be a good environment to start it off with.
It's me and Little Carley at the Saanich Fair talking about it, the new year, and other weird miscellaneous things. =P lol

Oh, and one thing that's majorly bad with the video itself is I decided to shoot it atop tall bleachers just as the sun was starting to set, which is very beautiful, but also there's a big shadow on my face, you can see, of my arm holding up the camera. So, now you can see the camera shape. It looks like an iPod. :P It's very small and portable, and AWESOME! :D

Anyway, it might be pretty distracting to some people, it was to me at first, but I wanted to still post this video up, because I like what's in it. :)

So, I hope you don't mind to much.
I'm still getting the hang of the vlogging thing, it is in fact, my first time! :P


Oh, and P.S. that's Carrie Underwood playing in the background.. just in case you were curious. lol


Live For Music said...

hey! congratz on such an awesome time at the fair & your very first vlog! lol. I didn't get to see you there this year unfortunately, BUT if you're playing at the Luxton fair at all I may see you. Cuz' I'm going to that I do believe ;D. Don't know if you're playing or not. hehe ^^ anywhos! goodluck in your new school year! :D xoxoxo

Karly Summers said...

Thanks Rosie =)

I am playing at Luxton Fair actually! :)
It's 1 - 2 PM on the 19th.

That would be great if you came out! :]