Thursday, September 3, 2009




Actually no, that's a lie.
I'm just trying to express how I feel right now in figurative speech. :P

But, really, I am just, so happy.
Today, after I got home from seeing my friends and getting my schedule for the new school year (sigh), I decided to keep working on producing my latest song for my first record. The song I was working on is called Push. It seems to be a lot of people's favorites, so I'm glad that I decided to produce it next.

Man, I have never produced a song this fast before.
And it doesn't have as many tracks as they usually have. It's simple, but it's ..


If I do say so myself. ^_^
I'm sorry, someone has to! lol

I'm just super stoked about it. :D
It's the first time I've produced a song using both guitar and piano. In fact, it's the first time I've produced a song with guitar. Both the two songs I've produced are just piano. They were originally written on the piano. This song, Push was originally written on the guitar. So, naturally that's the instrument I'm going to focus on and start with first. But, once I had that track, I knew it was missing something. Some piano licks were just the thing! :)

I feel so, like.. Jason Reeves.
I've been listening to his album "The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (And Other Frightening Tales...)" and I just love it. I love his style of music. I think that's what inspired me, or at least influenced the production of Push.

I gotta listen to his songs more often. :P

My favorite song right now (and it's Jason's) is "Pretty Eyes," from that album.
I love it.

I love piano and guitar together. Their just so darn good together! lol
It's good I've learned how to play both. =]

Well, I'm gonna go listen to it some more.
Tomorrow, after breakfast I can see myself going back and tweaking it.
Which is all good. ^_^

Goodnight everybody
(wow, I just realized that it's 12:01 AM)

Well, in that case, Good morning?


How's this .. BYE!


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