Monday, September 21, 2009

How you used to be able to talk to them for hours, and now you barely look at them.

"It's sad when the people you know, become the people you knew. When you walk past someone like they were never part of your life. How you used to be able to talk to them for hours, and now you barely look at them. It's sad how time changes everything."

I'm quoting Carl from his status he set this morning, approximately an hour ago.

It's so true. It's like he read my mind, new what I was going through right now and put it into words. Of course, I'm assuming that he didn't write it himself, but who knows: maybe he did.

That's Carl in the middle. This picture was taken yesterday at the Luxton Fair right after I finished playing.

Cotton candy at any type of fair is a must.

Anyway, I can totally relate to that quote. Reading it, and thinking about it, makes me sad. But the only thing about it I don't quite agree with is "It's sad how time changes everything." It may seem like time is what's driving two people apart, but really it's the people themselves. Time is blamed because to them, it's the only thing that changed. They want to see the person they knew before, so they think if they could just go back in time, it would fix everything. But obviously that can't be done.

The only choice you have is to move forward, and succumb to the new terms. To the new person.. Some people can't be brought back. But some people can.

I hope I'm dealing with that second kind of person.

To be completely honest, I remembered yesterday when we were driving to Luxton that I've lost two friends in the past several months.

Right now, just going with my educated guess, I'd say that one of these friends I can get back pretty easily. The other? I don't know. and that's what scares me.

It's always the unknown that scares people the most, isn't it?

Well, right now I'm going through my days not dealing with these lost friends. Things are hectic. And I shouldn't be the only one trying to fix things. It should be a joint effort, like friendship's supposed to be.

I'm just glad those friends weren't the only good ones I have.
I still have amazing ones that'll stand by me and help me through anything.
And most importantly: make me happy, and SKIP the drama.

Signing off->

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