Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I honestly do not sing in the shower.

It's 8:45 PM, the night is young.

What to do, oh what to do?..

I usually never have this problem, in fact, I always have the opposite problem. The whole "not enough hours in the day" syndrome. =P But tonight is a different story.

I'm sitting here in my bedroom, staring at my phone, staring at the time. There's to many things on my mind. To many bad things. To many things I wish weren't there.

It's why I can't focus on getting anything done.
In these types of situations, I think the best thing to do is relax. So that entails like, watching a movie or something.

My laundry!
There's something I can do!! =o


-Okay, now that I've done that, what?

I picked up my cat, Louie.

That was... fun.


Oh boy,

I know what to do.
I'll have a shower. That'll calm me down. Then I'll snuggle up on the couch, or my bed and watch TV. Or a movie. Or anything really to keep my mind from wondering.

You know how a lot of people sing in the shower? I don't. You may find it ironic, I do. You know, since that's my dream and my job. =P But, I honestly do not sing in the shower. I think. I think about everything that happened that day, things that I need to do, thoughts that have been pushed aside for later, they come up then.

Which kind of sounds creepy that I'm talking about what I think about while I'm in the shower.


To much information?

Okay, then I'll leave it at that.

Till the next time I'm bored and depressed,


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Rebecca said...

Haha! I am the same way! I sing all the time, and it's my job and what I will do for the rest of my life, yet, I do not sing in the shower. That's so weird :P