Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saanich Fair and the new school year.

I am beaming! :)

Saanich Fair this year was a hit! I had such a great time, on stage, with my friends. Seeing everyone. It was fantastic! :] I'm so pumped for the next time I get to perform! Which is pretty soon I think.

One thing I'm not particularly excited for it, school. O_O
I was, until I got my schedule. I don't think I'm to happy with it.
Maybe that means I should change some things about it. hmph.

Well tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mum! Haven't been shopping since, since... I don't even know when. It's not something I do all the time. I'm usually a seasonal shopper.
OH, but there was this summer when I was downtown all the time for gig's and I may have bought myself a few pretty things.. :P

But, other than that little slip up- seasonal shopper here.
This season? Fall, back to school.



I'm not even excited anymore.
I suppose I'll just have to make it exciting. ;)

Ttys - Karly. <3

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