Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rough lyrics

I meant to practice my set list for this gig I have on November 1st, but I ended up writing a song. Not surprising, I'm such a procrastinator and have a talent for finding something better to do. ;) Or at least, it always seems like it's better at the time.

These lyrics are really rough. Haven't edited them yet, I'll get to it soon enough. I just had this urge to post them, so here I am; and here they are:

Where did I leave you last?
Did I leave you in the past, did I?
Cause something here has changed
but I don't want to point my finger any which way
I feel like coming out
and I really just wanna talk about this
But tell me, tell me- is it really even worth it?

Cause if you ask me I'm fine
It's this illusion of mine
And all I wanted
was to see if we were
worth it, ever

It used to be so nice
we never even had one fight, you know
Now it's like pulling teeth
trying to get you to speak to me
And all those things you said
did you ever really even mean them?
Cause some things I did
but some things, I didn't.

Cause if you ask me I'm fine
It's this illusion of mine
And all I wanted
was to see if we were
worth it, ever

**Random catchy alternate chorus, or possible bridge below..

Because the s**t that you've done
is digging a hole
Sometimes its best to move on
or just let go

I don't know

But one things for sure
I'm losing hope.

And that's all folks.

xx Singing off - Karly oo

P.S.- First usage of a swear word in my writing. lol


Live For Music said...

woaaah nellie! Karly.. swearing?! absurd! =P Hehe. I really love those lyrics! They're pretty intense. It'd be cool to see what you do with them if/when you evnetually do. ^-^ They definitely reflect a lot of emotion, and passion even, through the diction. =) Great! Keep it up! xoxo

Rebecca said...

"Because the s**t that you've done "

WHOA swear! If you use that are you actually going to sing that when you perform it/record it??

Karly Summers said...

Thanks for commenting you guys. :)

lol, I know. I was surprised with myself, swearing in a song. =P I don't think this one will be recorded, so I won't have to deal with that.

BUT, I wrote another today, that I like better, and one day, might be recored and it ALSO has a bad word in it. lol :P But it's not AS bad I don't think, I'm just about to post it up.

It's about the exact same situation, but I think it's better. And it's finished.