Sunday, October 11, 2009

Being productive on Thanksgiving! ^_^

Allow me to cut to the chase by saying right off the bat,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! =) gobble gobble.
Cause we all know what that means. Time fo' TURKEY! =P

My mothar made an excellent meal. Absolutely delicious I'd say! And it better be delicious because we all know were getting leftovers for a good week and a 1/2. lol :P

Today, I watched a movie. "Observe and Report" with my mum and my brother (partly). He never stays for anything on TV. lol It was ridiculous, weird, strange, awkward, but very funny! I mean cummon, Seth Rogen was in it! It's gotta be awesome!

So, other than that I worked on my music.
Which is what I had planned. I'd say it was quite productive. I think THIS TIME I may have finally finished Rewind. Which is extremely exciting. :] This is the 4th try. I think it's the most elaborate production I've done on a song so far. I experimented with a lot of different things, and I think this time, it might actually be complete.

maybe. we'll see. =P

I'm also done producing Push as well. Push is the opposite, it's the most simple production I've done on a song. Which makes sense, cause to me Rewind is a more powerful, strong song, and Push is lighthearted and fun. So I think I produced them right. ^_^ *accomplished face*

Ahh, nothing like getting something you love done.
I think enjoying being productive, I mean, really enjoying it, is part of my family gene. My dad's side. lol Sometimes I feel bad if I didn't do something at least mildly productive in a day. Something's gotta get done!

So today, I'm feeling pretay grand. =)
I've got a belly full of turkey and goodies, I made some headway on my album. WHICH I'M SOO STOKED FOR. I even started a Journal (sorry blog, but somethings have to be done with paper and pen) for writing down my journey of my 1st record. Like, today I wrote down the lyrics for You'll Never Know. It's #1 in the book, because it's the first one finished for the album. That's the order they'll be in. I wrote info on what instruments were used in it, I talked about when I wrote it, when I recorded it, what it's about. It goes into pretty good detail of the songs. Down to the nitty-gritty.

It'll be cool to look back one day.
Recording your very first album is a coming of age type of thing. Especially when your 15 and producing all of the songs on your own. I mean, right now, I play guitar, piano, bass, strings, and I program in the drums and beats. =P Okay, just so you don't think I actually play all of those instruments, I use Garageband, so besides guitar and drums, all the instruments are played by me on my keyboard. I can make my keyboard sound like anything. I could have a dog barking in one of my songs if I felt like it.

And please don't suggest that. =P
I don't think I could find a proper place for it. lol

So yeah, sounds like a lot of work. But I love it. I can be in my room four 7 hours straight (sometimes I am) working on a song. Get it done in a few days. My minimum is 2, and my max. well, a long time. Cause I usually think I'm done at 3, and then think about it for like 2 weeks, contemplating new ideas and sounds. =P

Now since that process is done for Rewind, I think it is finished! =D

THEN, there's going downstairs with my dad and recording the vocals, and the harmony's. He mixes it, and puts it into ProTools, works his magic on finding the best takes of every single vocal track we recorded, which surprisingly doesn't take him as long as you'd think. Anyway, that's the final step in making a song. Well, that's how we do it anyway..

I like our way though.
So far, it's working quite well. And I'm really enjoying the process.
Which is one of the reasons why I made that journal. The other reason is I had a hardly ever used Journal laying around, so I decided to make use of it. =]

And there we are.
My thought process of the day.

Until next time on the ... Daily Life of that girl named Karly (with a K). =P

Singing off,

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