Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And just to let you know, I still get nervous. >_<

The weather's really starting to match my blog design now. =P
It's starting to feel a lot like winter. I'd say fall, but it feels like it's skipping over that season and heading straight for really cold. Winter cold. BRR. >.<

I don't mind it though.
I think it's almost warmer during the winter months.

-I know what your thinking- "SAY WHA??"
Makes absolutely no sense.

What I mean is, the winter months almost seem warmer because were all bundled up all the time, in nice warm sweaters, sitting by a fire, drinking hot chocolate and.. hugging more often. =P lol It's just a warmer atmosphere. More jolly, and peaceful.

I think I'm referring to Christmas more than anything now. lol
I just love it so much. =] For all those reasons listed above. It's just so darn happy, and comforting! ^-^ ... And the presents and food don't hurt either. ;)

Also, it's so.. child like.. and magical almost.
It's hard to describe actually, but I'm sure you know the feeling too. Unless you don't celebrate Christmas.. lol. In that case, I'm sorry for going on about how wonderful it is. But hey, this is my blog. I'm just expressing my own, personal thoughts and feelings. Christmas just happens to be one of them. =)

Christmas is in about 2 months, so I won't get to hyped up for it yet. Right now, I ought to get hyped up about Halloween, and my "Sweet 16!" =o oo la la!

As for the immediate future, there's the Coffee House Musical at school. Or the Acoustic Music Night.. or something that their calling it this year. I said I'd do it again, so I think I'm gonna audition on Thursday. Can't decide what song to do yet though. I'm kind of annoyed with my Set List. So many of the songs are SO OLD to me. Maybe not to you, and certainly not for the majority of people, but for me, years old. It's crazy actually. I'm going to be recording a lot of them. Which could be freakishly boring for me, or it could bring them back alive and give them a new spin. (Cause they'll be produced). Well, we'll see.

I can now play "My Heart" by Paramore.
Which is AWESOME because Paramore is my favorite band. :D (Gotta love how the same word lined up perfectly like that *shutter*).

I'm also working on "Where the Lines Overlap." I can play it, but today I was a little rusty.

I think incorporating covers into my rotation will help with my personal entertainment factor. Also, bring good, old songs that I've written back into my Set List. (Which I'm currently in the process of working on).

That's what I'm doing right now:

-Working on songs to put into my Set List (covers, old songs, practice current).
-Producing and recording my 1st full album.
-Keeping up with school, trying not to fall to far behind..

Yeah, I guess those are the main things I'm doing.
Other than the odd gig or performance. Like the school thingy.

And just to let you know,
I still get nervous. >_<

-----K <3


Rebecca said...

i Completely understand the whole "bored with the setlist" thing. It' all to frequently for me. I'm one of those people that can only play a "new" song so many times before it's old and boring.
Heck. I've written new songs that were new for like, 2 days before I was bored of them. But Im pretty stoked because over the last 2 weeks or so i've written like, 5or 6 new kickass songs that i (still!) love! Haha. :)

Karly Summers said...

Haha! =P
Awesome Rebecca! I thought you'd get where I'm coming from. :-)