Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swine, spiders, death, Zombieland, and vote for your favorite hippy costume of mine! :D

It's a Saturday morning- scratch that.


It's Saturday afternoon, the sky is beginning to emerge from the clouds and my cat seems to be waking up. Slowly but surely.

Haven't blogged in a little while, for you see, I have been sick for the past 4 days. It wasn't to pleasant. Actually, to be more accurate it was very unpleasant. I didn't have the swine flu, which I'm thankful for, apparently 17 people in the U.S. have died from it. Most of which, were young. O_O I'm scared. I HATE needles, I can't stress that to you enough. But I'm so scared of catching the swine flu and dying from it that I'd be happy to get in line and get shot up with the vaccine. Apparently, there hasn't been any side effects, nothing's gone wrong. They say it's shame how many lives could be saved by just getting this simple vaccination.

I mean, yeah, I am deathly afraid of needles, but I'm more deathly afraid of death. lol

That's the one thing I am scared of the most. I find it funny when people say the most terrifying thing to them is a spider. A spider? Sure, there gross and I wouldn't go up to one and pet it, but I value life so much that when there's a spider in my house (and there were a lot around a while ago) I catch it in a cup and take it outside. I've never killed a spider. I don't think it's right. Just because it's small and insignificant to you, doesn't give you the right to end it's life. I would just feel bad about myself if I went around murdering helpless spiders, cause that's what it is, when you get right down to it.

Poor things. Now I pity them.

Anyway, out of all the fears, death is the biggest.
It's probably everyone's, but a lot of people don't like to think about it, which I understand.

let's get off this morbid topic I've got us into. =P

What's in store for today? Well, let's see..
My room is an absolute disaster, so hopefully I can find it in me to make some sense of it everything on the floor. And throw out all my "snot rags" as my mum likes to refer to them as. lol, I was sick okay! I'm only speaking the truth. Maybe I'll skip the gory details.. =P
After that's sorted out, I'll feel better. I always feel mentally cleared and refreshed when my room is clean. Is that weird? I don't think so, I think it makes sense. If my room's a mess, I feel messy. It's works in that order. I don't think I can switch it to the other way around. lol

ANYWAY, wow, I'm really good at getting off topic today!

So anyway, clean up my room, and then hopefully work on some producing. Or something musical, be productive. If I do end up going on a roll, that should take me to dinner. And after dinner were going out to the movies! :) Seeing Zombieland with my friends and my mum, because it's rated 18A. lol But it's all good, my mom's cool like that. =P And so are my friends!

So, it should be grand!
I'm quite looking forward to it. ^-^

Before I sign off, I gotta show you what I did last night. =P
Get ready for this..

I'm being a hippy for Halloween, so I decided to raid my closet and try to find some options. Well, I found more than four, took pictures of some, so here are the contestants:




LOL ^-^ I hope you enjoyed that! The last one ^ cracks me up! I went all out on that one.
So, if you want, lemme know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment on this entry. I'm curious. My personal vote is #2 I think. I think it looks the most hippy-ish. Then again, I think they all do. That's one thing I realized during this process. I own a lot of hippy clothes. =P I think I'm secretly one. So shh.

That's all for today!
Type to you soon, and don't forget to "vote." lol
Maybe I'll start making more of my entry's more "interactive." hmm..

Well, I'm off!


Live For Music said...

Hey there! So glad you don't have swine! That would suck, hardcore! =)
and oooh, was Zombieland any good? I wanna see it sometime soon. ^^

aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I vote #2! Definitely most hippyish, though #3 is pretty rad itself. Hehe, well I'm off to help prepare thanksgiving dinner. xoxoox peace outttt.


Grant A. McLachlan said...

Dearest Karlile, we are all afraid of death, but we cannot stop it so we must accept it and move on. And my vote is for #3. Looking forward to Zombieland tonight. See ya in oh... two and a half hours-ish.

Karly Summers said...

Thanks for your comments guys! :)
Your input is much appreciated!

Thanks Grant, I have come to terms with that, and man, I gotta keep track of the tally's for these votes. lol =P

Rosie, Zombieland was AWESOME. I definitely recommend it. =) Funny from start to finish. It's great, as long as your good with gore. =P There's a lot of that. It's good though.

Live For Music said...

AWESOME! I'm totally okay with gore, sooo.. sweet! :D ^^ Can't wait to see it! [[ps. you're not the only one who won't kill a spider.. i won't either. I refuse!]] hehe

Karly Summers said...

All the power to you Rosie!
In the words of a true hippy: Peace and love, and that's for everyone, spiders too. :)

Rebecca said...

I vote #3! ^^