Sunday, October 4, 2009

I don't feel like a teenager, never have.

You know what?
I love being organized. I almost thrive on it.
To feel sane, and complete.

I cleaned my room, and i thought that would be enough, but it wasn't.
I'm not really paying much attention to my classes right now. It never dawned on me that that would ever become a problem though. As I've said before, "I goof around at school, that's what it's for isn't it?" lol, well I still can, but I think I like being on top of things. And I don't like it when I'm not. It just doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel right for me.

I find I can get overwhelmed quite easily.

I'm the kind of person that takes pride in what they do.
I like to take pride in everything I do.

Tomorrow's Monday, and it's Sunday night, 9:02 PM, I think I can still somewhat salvage this weekend, and do something mildly productive and in the right step towards my.. new found point of few. My "realization."

I might, dare I say it, do some homework. =o

I know.

This is quite the breakthrough. :P


On another completely unrelated topic, I ended up watching "Shaun of the Dead" tonight with my folks, (Mum & Dad, and my brother).

It was quite enjoyable. ^-^ I like funny horror movies.
Speaking of horror movies, Halloween's coming up. Gotta figure out what I'm doing..

I've decided that I'm being a Hippy a long time ago, but I just don't know what the plan is for that night. I'm definitely finished with my Trick or Treating years, I was thinking of watching scary movies with my friend and totally freaking her out, because she hates scary movies. mwahahaha. Or there's my other friends "party." =P Don't ask why I put that in quotations, lol.

Well whatever I do, I'm gonna have fun with it. =]
I quite enjoy Halloween. :)

These are the three golden months:

1. Halloween
2. My Birthday (November 17th)
3. Christmas and New Years!

It's just so joyful! Lots of wonderful events coming up, I'm excited! :-]

Oh, and for my bday in November, I'll be SIXTEEN! =o

That should be interesting, prime teenager age. lol

I don't feel like a teenager, never have.
I think I've felt the same since I was like, twelve. =P

Well, off to go do what I said!
Type to you soon ;)


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