Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some things in life, you just have to experience.

There are some things in life you just have to experience.
From bad days, to things like, oh I don't know.. going to your first Heavy Metal concert. =P

If you didn't catch that hint, I'll just tell you.

Last night, believe it or not, I went to the SlipKnot concert at the SOFA. I'd like to say, I'm actually a hardcore SlipKnot fan, but in reality I only went because we got free box seats, and I've never been in a box seat. :-) But it really wasn't anything special.. except I got a coke without having to wait in line. There was our own private bathroom too, but I didn't even use it. =P It was cool though, going up the elevator instead of just entering the short stairs to the regular seating. And walking around up stairs until we got to our room. It certainly felt like the VIP experience. :] So I don't regret going.

And also, that isn't the only reason I don't regret going.
Cause again, "believe it or not" I'm not even lying, I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the concert.

I knew 3 songs, and I liked 4.
I respect the band. The performed very well! People were so surprised to here that I was going to see them, some said they were scary, crazy, I even got the word disturbing. But it wasn't like that at all. They were just a band (in weird costumes mind you) that played a set of their songs for a crowd of people who enjoy their music. It wasn't even to loud! Which I found weird for their type of band. As I can remember, Simple Plan was louder than them.

Walking into the concert was different, I'll admit. The crowd was much different than I'm used to. Compared to Sheryl Crow and Avril Lavigne the people were a lot older. =P And almost all of them wore black. And crazy.. jewelry, piercings, some even wore makeup to look like a band member. Have I mentioned that there are 9 guys in SlipKnot? Oh, and I never had to deal with a frisking at the door. Not that that really helped the smoke level. It's easy to smuggle things in. Just put it in your shoe. Not that I'm suggesting you do that. =P

It was a right of passage.
One of those life experiences. :-)

Didn't bring my camera, so I only have bad quality cell phone pictures. But some of the, surprisingly, turned out okay. Of course there's not close up's, but you can get the gist of it.

I thought this one was cool. I was shocked to hear them do a slow song, but pleasantly surprised, because it was good. Oh, and everyone waved their lighters in the air.. Cause everyone had lighters. lol

The frontman had an interesting stage presence. Kind of creepy. =P

I think this picture looks creepy. Everyone's just standing still looking at this giant bright light. O_O Almost Zombie like..

During one of those bright light moments, I was able to take a photo of my family. That's my dad (who is the reason we went), my brother, and my mom. :)

And that's all of the photo's I took.
Or at least all of the ones that you could tell what they were. =P

It's the day after the concert, and I'm not doing much today. Still trying to shake this cold I've had for almost 2 weeks now. (You can still hear it in my voice) So no recording, but I better practice and get ready for when I can. Which is probably next weekend. Also need to put together a set list for the Acoustic Night on Wednesday.. and find someone to take with me.

OH! And I'm getting invisalign Tuesday morning. O_o
I'm diving right into extreme adolescence. I have to get elastics with them, which will make it difficult to take them out. WHICH IS EVERY TIME I EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING THAT ISN'T WATER. O_O For the next 2 years. How fun will that be?! ha ha ha. ._.
But, it's worth it. It'll be nice to have straight teeth for once. And this is the perfect time to get them, I'm still a dorky teenager in high school so it's all good. They'll be off a little after I'm out of school. Sounds pre' good to me!

So, that's all.
Gotta do homework, update my website, figure out set list, and practice.

Signing off
xx Karly.


Live For Music said...

Woah, that's awesome you got to see Slipknot! I used to listen to them all the time when I was a bit younger. :) I enjoy their music. & It's really rad you got a box seat! =D
Oh, and I laughed a little when you said Simple Plan was louder than them. Which, I do believe, because I saw Simple Plan in concert a few years back, and I was front row on the floor.. so they were pretty darn loud! =P

& Good luck with the Acoustic Night thingy! :D The fresh cup in Sidney here has acoustic nights on Thursdays =P I haven't really been to a full one yet, but there's so cool performers there if you ever wanna check it out. ;D Anyways, take care Karly!!


Karly Summers said...

Haha ^^

That sounds cool!
Open Mic's are fun, this one's at my school, which is why I'm going. But pretty soon, I'd like to be playing at them pretty often, for kicks and practice. Maybe I'll come to Sidney and check it out! :)

You take care as well Rosie,
thanks for staying in touch. Always great to hear from you! =)

--K <3

Live For Music said...

They are indeed! :D Oooh sweet! I wish my school had open mic nights! =P Though every wednesday at lunch there's a small group of people that meet in the green room and jam and share music and stuff. It's awesome. ^^

Oh you most definitely should! :D
=) Thanks, will do! and no problemo. It's always great to hear from you as well. xO