Thursday, October 1, 2009

High school's gettin' rough. From teenage pregnancies to bomb threats.

Hello yew.

Well, I got my haircut finally! That was on Tuesday, it's Thursday now.

I don't really feel like blogging right now, but I don't know what other slightly productive computer things I can get myself into.

There wasn't school today, on Wednesday right before the end of the school day the fire alarm went off, and the school was evacuated. Turns out there was a bomb threat, the classic old writing on the wall, threatening the student's safety. How lovely is that?

I'm in grade 11, and throughout my school years I've been through two experiences like this. This one I'm talking about now, and one back in grade 7. It's kind of scary, in grade 7 I stayed home for a week, including the "dooms day" because, well I was young, and when you think about it. Why would I go to school when someone's supposedly supposed to come in and shoot kids down? I'll refer to the term - "Better safe than sorry."

This time though, it was a bomb threat. AND there was ANOTHER one, just the same I think, at another high school near here. Everyone thinks it's a copy cat kid. A kid that heard about what happened at my school and said "Hey, they got the day off, I wouldn't mine having a day off too!" And just pulled the same thing.

Man, it's messed up when you really think about. I mean I know it's probably just some kids messing around, but their messing around with some serious stuff. And you never know, I don't want to end up like a victim from columbine.


God, that's horrifying.

High school's gettin' rough. From teenage pregnancies to bomb threats. Were all going back tomorrow, just two days after the ordeal.

I wouldn't say I'm a particularly paranoid person, but it makes you reconsider going, you know? It just makes you question, well, question your safety. Which is so horrible to think that we might not be safe at somewhere we spend most of our day at. 6 hours, everyday. The majority.

If they really want to fix this specific problem they should put up camera's in the bathrooms. Of course not in any stalls, but just outside, near the sinks, and door. That way, no one could write something like this and get away with it. Even if they did it in a stall, it wouldn't be hard to narrow it down to all the girls/boys who went into that certain stall. And then to that one person who did it.

I like to tell people that my high school isn't bad. (Because some people think it's rough). But when things happen like this, it's hard to defend it.

When it's with things like drugs, or fights, that doesn't really matter. As long as your not involved in that, you're fine. But when it's bomb threats, and mass shootings, your completely helpless. You can't help but be stuck with the roll of the victim. There's nothing you can do.

Now that's scary.

All we can do is just carry on.

I guess I'm going tomorrow... I guess we all are.

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