Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shake Some Sense

People change. It's sad, but it's a fact.

These lyrics (only a verse and a chorus of a song) are about these kinds of people that are in- were in my life.


Don't worry, I'm just checking in
I'll pack my suitcase and go home again
If all you're looking for is a friend,
then don't count on me, I won't be here in the end

That's what you said

Turn off my nightlight, I don't need it anymore
The days of innocence are running out my door
Laughing and playing just wasn't good enough
So, I traded in that stuff, I traded in you

for something new

I wish I had the strength,
cause then I'd shake some sense into you
I wish you would stay around long enough
for me to shake some sense into you
I'd shake some sense into you
I'd shake some sense into you
Cause that's what friends do


:( sad face, I know. The only good about the bad in my life is that I can turn them into songs- something constructive, something that allows me to vent. That's my silver lining.

Till next time,


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