Sunday, January 23, 2011

Semester one: CHECK!

What's been going on lately?


As semester one was coming to end,
it got REALLY windy :P

I visited my cousin at her favorite place to be,

and studied hard core for my English LIT final.

On the second last day of the first semester
we had a pizza party in the hallway we hang out in! :)

I convinced two friends to start their own blogs,
which they added to during our 2 1/2 hour last writing class. We also wrote a very impressive poem which is now hanging at the front of the writing classroom. ^^

After writing my English LIT final, semester one was officially over. In other words- we're halfway through grade twelve, a.k.a. our graduating year ._.
The last Drama class EVER (for me and a few others) was a bit emotional. It was, in fact, the end of a five year streak.

I rode home that day (the last day of the first semester) alone for one of the first times on the bus. I ended up- well, doing what you see below. I couldn't keep from laughing out loud for quite a while, which turned a few heads.

After going home and checking my facebook (isn't that everyone's regular routine?), I found my Grampz had uploaded the pictures he took of my play. This is my favorite one :) My cast pointing to me in the audience to stand up.

Good memories :]

So, semester one is over. As I said before, WE'RE HALFWAY THROUGH THE SCHOOL YEAR- OUR GRADUATING YEAR.

Oh dear.

I'm sure there are many more great things to come. Bring it on, semester two!




Julia Schleifenbaum said...

o.O. what happened to your fence? :)
I love the pictures!

I gotta say, i really liked the last days of school, they were all so much fun :)

Karly Summers said...

"it got REALLY windy :P"
It was so windy, it knocked down our fence that was SO well put together *sarcasm*

and ME TOO :)
Can't wait to do it all over again in semester two! :P