Saturday, January 15, 2011

New and different experiences

It's a quiet Saturday morning. Only half of our house is awake. It's a nice change from this past week, which was pretty busy.

My play was performed along with five other plays. It went great :) My dad filmed it, which I'm thankful for as I want to remember the only play I ever wrote (play's aren't really my writing style). Maybe I should find a way to post it somewhere for you guys to see... It's about 20 minutes long though, so I don't know if YouTube can host it. BUT, it is original content so it won't be TAKEN DOWN DUE TO "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT."


Anyway, the performances were a lot of fun. Of course I wasn't performing in any of them, but to see something I wrote come to life like that was a very cool feeling. And even though I wasn't the one (this time) who was up on stage, I was still pretty nervous for my actors. :P They did a fantastic job though! I was/still am very pleased and proud with the final product. :]

Willa (fellow playwright) and I at opening night!

The article on the Festival came out Wednesday (the festival started that night) as well. You can read it here. (: I'm the first one quoted!

The whole experience was different for me. The performance night was a change from usual performance nights for me because a) I wasn't on stage like I said before and b) I was a part of a group- a team. Usually all I have to worry about/count on is myself. This time I had a group of people behind me, working towards the same thing.

That was different, nice. :)

The whole experience was a unique one. Props to Ms. Young (our acting teacher) and Ms. Frodsham (our writing teacher) for putting it on!

Now that the plays are over with, there's only a week left of the first semester- our last first semester of OUR LIVES. =O Unless we fail, I guess. :P Oh and for those who are going to college, not so much. lol.

Half of the school year is almost over. I'm excited for next semester and a bit weirded out by the idea of this thing I've been going to ten months a year, five days a week since I was a toddler coming to an end.

How's that for a new and different experience?


Well, I better get my day started.

All the best and TTYS,


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