Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PERFORMING AGAIN ^^ (The O'Siem BC Spirit Festival)

I miss performing. DEARLY.

I haven't really performed in... way too long. I had a couple gigs this past summer, which is not near the amount I want to have this year.

Since I've realized I need to stop planning everything before I do it, that I need to be apart of things as they come- "go with the flow" more, I've been doing a lot of research on venues, open mics and gigs here in Victoria.

I want to perform again. So, that's just what I'll do :)

Next month, beginning February 11th, I'll be playing half hour sets throughout the weekend of the O'Siem BC Spirit Festival.

Just what the doctor ordered :]

*Note that this is the first time my name has been included on a poster in BIG letters. :D I'm not even listed LAST! That in itself is a first! :P THANK YOU JOHN!! (He's the Festival's Artistic Director- he hired me)

I'm very excited to perform again. This time I'm not going to let school stop me, or pressures about my album, or anything else. If I want to perform, then that's what I'll do. Every little thing doesn't need to be lined up to share my music- that I already have- with people who are willing to listen. That's what performing is.

I'll have my EP (of four songs) available at the Festival.

I repeat: I am excited.

I'll post more on this when I hear of more info (what times I'm playing, etc..) For now, visit the Festival's website and my website for more details on exactly when and where the event is occurring.

Hope to see some familiar faces!



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