Saturday, January 29, 2011

FINALLY :') back to producing

You won't believe what I've been doing all morning.

Take a guess :)


I'm so happy! I don't want to jinx it, but YEEESSSSS!!! ^^

I'm almost done laying down all of the drum tracks (which for me is the hardest part, ESPECIALLY when having to work with different tempos). I'm working on a song called "One, Nothing." If you've seen me busking or performing about a 45 minute set, then you've most likely heard this song.

I feel very good about getting this song done, because it's been weighing on me for months- as well as two others that I want to produce.

Finally, PROGRESS :]

This has been a breakthrough for me, because I've had a lot of trouble with producing this song in the past. It's been my first attempt at producing a song with multiple tempo changes- which can get very confusing. The key is to keep the flow of the song still intact, and I think I've FINALLY achieved this.

*pat on the back*


Now for a finger rest (I've been playing the same four chords for hours) and a lunch break. I think I'll have some tea! ^^



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