Monday, January 17, 2011

No screaming, no yelling and no heavy laughter!

Today was/is day number one of a week of resting my voice.

Lately (for a few months now) my voice has been haggard. I don't know if I've mentioned this here, in my blog, but it has.

:( sadface.

In hopes of fixing it I am going to rest it properly for a week (this means no yelling, screaming, heavy laughter, etc..) and see if that helps to improve it at all. Hopefully it will. I will also properly warm-up before I sing and drink tea before singing as well for the first while. Thankfully, I actually like tea now.

Apparently, I like "old man" tea. I was told today that Earl Grey tea was named after a political leader of some sort... Looking it up now on Wikipedia (which is thankfully still free, YAY!) I can confirm this and add more specifically that it was named after a British Prime Minister, Earl Grey the 2nd.

HMMMM.. Very interesting!


I drink an Earl Grey tea that tastes like orange and vanilla. ^_^ Mmmm, HAPPY! I can enjoy caring for my voice!

So, I'll let you know how it goes. No screaming and heavily laughing for a week might prove to be difficult for me to stick to... But I want my voice to be better, so whatever it takes.

Dinner's ready.
Type to you later!

Singing off,


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