Monday, January 24, 2011

Old lyrics- new meaning

I wrote these lyrics a long time ago. As I was singing and strumming away today (just now actually), I came across the song that contains them.

As I said, I wrote these lyrics a long time ago. I wrote them during a much different period in my life. Looking back now, these lyrics are somehow still applicable; but now I'm relating to them in an entirely new way.


I look up at the sky
wondering, wondering why
My feet are on the ground
Just help me, save me from this now

What I sit under is a breath of fresh air
And what I'm taking in, I don't really care

It's not helping
Do you think that you're worth it?
And it's not healthy
Do you think I deserve this?

This whatever this is


1 comment:

Julia Schleifenbaum said...

I love the lyrics :). I want to hear the song belonging to that... :)