Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twas a Grand Day. =)

Ahh, =)
Today has been a grand day. 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and I don't know, it's just pretty great. :)
Today I had Sushi at Hiro's instead of the regular ole' chicken and veggie's with rice and om nom sauce. :| Lol, I know that was random, but it's a bit significant dragging on to the point that I am not good at making decisions. No, let me rephrase that- I'm extremely indecisive. 
AND, it was Hiro's day. =P See, every Thursday, me and some of my friends go to Hiro's (a Japanese Restaurant at the mall right by our school). It's becoming a tradition now, it's kind of our thing. ^.^ It's just so delicious, and FAST! Those asians sure know how to whip up a mean stir fry. LOL. 

I went to my old elementary school with Emily (my neighbor/my friend since the wee years) to practice on my batting. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but, I'm an extremely horrible batter. =| I mean, i think it's physically impossible for me to hit the ball. Last year I don't remember it being so bad, but things have changed. I don't know what it is but- I don't particularly like it. 
So, anyway, we went to work on that and I did hit it numerous times pretty good and far, but that usually doesn't make a difference. When it counts, I'm nowhere near it. Everyone seems to want to believe in me, they let me swing like 7 times, but it's quite sad. Me and my feeble attempts. *shakes head*

"Oh dear!" As my friend Heather would say. ^_^

Let's see, this blog is kind of dragging on a bit. It seems I'm losing my writing edge. 
I didn't even type up a blog for yesterday- shame on me. But I WAS working on Trigonometry, and I watched parts of the final American Idol show. I was soo surprised Kris won, but glad. I didn't really like Adam- he's such a poser and his voice is very irritating. Not rock n' roll whatsoever (thus the poser point). He belongs in Broadway. 

Well, I smell dinner and hear the family gathering for another BBQ 
(since the weather's so nice again). 

I'm off! 

Till another day- or maybe later, it depends if I have time to work on another old song for "KS Restoration."

-Karl ^.^


Anonymous said...

Karl...dont be so hard on yourself..
you werent that bad at batting you got lots of good ones!! haha call me when your done dinner maybe we can hang out!
love from Emil

Karly Summers said...

Haha spanks Lem. =P
I was doing pretty good with you, but whenever I'm actually up to bat in a game I fail immensely.
But who knows, maybe the practice helped. =)

& sheesh! If you want to hang out with me call ME. I don't check the comments on my blogs right away!

Thanks for commenting. ;)

feathe said...

oh dear. :)

and I really do enjoy reading your blogs :) They're witty and enjoyable. ;)