Monday, May 18, 2009

Long, and unproductive Weekend.

Man oh man,


This weekend was a long weekend, but it could never be long enough.
My intentions were much different than the actual outcome.
Right now, my main focus is, well should be, to get all of my tests for school done. I only have one more Math test (trigonometry) and two Science tests (Chemistry). Well, I was able to put off studying for Trig until the last day of the weekend, which is Monday, tonight. =| 
It's getting down to the wire too. 

I'll have to get some help with Trigonometry as well, I've made it pretty far understanding a good portion of the material, but I just stopped a few minutes ago to take a break from it and type up this blog entry, because I'm stuck. I'll have to ask my brother. 

& I'm the type of person, where I can't focus very well on a bunch of different things needing to be done in a certain time frame, especially when their things like Trigonometry and Chemistry. Maybe I need to make a To Do list.. but it's not like I haven't done that before. 
I just have to buckle down and get this done, I can't really focus on what matters (in my books) until then. 

Like recording. >_<


Which I really want to do! >.<


But, I have to get this out of the way first. I mean, AT LEAST my math test. 


one thing at a time.. . 

Right. -_-

Oh, and it rained today too. *smack in the face* =[

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