Sunday, May 10, 2009



Quite frankly, I'm ashamed. =(
I started this blog, my first one too, I posted once, and that's it. That's so lame! But, I do it all the time. I start something, and never keep up with it, I just let it get away. Which, would make you think why I stuck with guitar and music... I guess I just REALLY love it. =P I'd have to.
But, I would really like to keep this up. I never keep my journal's, even the one I run on my website I never post on. It's sad. =[

So, instead of moping about it, I'm gonna take some action, so here I am again!
I really think Blogspot is the place for me. I tried Wordpress just before crawling back here, and man, it's so confusing! I mean, i like the layout's a lot, but it's not very upfront. Took me forever to find how to even post one!
And I really enjoy writing, I mean I'm a songwriter, so it's kind of obvious. =P But, I've kept journal's since I was little. Come to think of it, I wrote in them more than I do now, which is sad... again, lol. Sometimes you just need to get all of your thoughts out, wether it's on paper, or on something like this. & I like the whole blog idea. Can't wait to start interacting with all of the other Blogger's out there! I know there's tons.

So, here's to slightly new beginning's! :D


+ I WILL be back. I'll try to make it a daily thing. =)
This should be fun... =]]

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