Thursday, May 14, 2009

School, oh the irony.

Oy Vay!

School really is a good way to use up all of your focus and drive.

...wait a minute. Let me rephrase that-


School really is a good way to waste all of your focus and drive. 

that's more like it. 

Lately, school has not been to kind to me, or to my time. 
Just like math, there are sooo many other things that I find much more interesting. 

"In your life, what you ideally want to achieve is to do the things that you love, that excite and inspire you, the most. And the things that bring you down and that you don't enjoy, the least." - Derek Sivers creator of CD Baby.

I fully agree with Derek. He is very wise. 

& that my friends, is my goal. The main thing that I love to do is write songs. So it only makes sense that I want to put all of my focus and drive into that. NOT into solving line equations and memorizing vocabulary. 

But alas, this is society. And as citizens in this society, were are expected to do a lot of mundane and monotonous activities- one of these activities being school.

So I will waste away 6 hours of every week day, sitting inside a stuffy classroom for the next two years, learning about things that I don't enjoy, the most. =|

Oh, the irony. 


Anonymous said...

2012 is coming, just drop out

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...sad to say, but it doesn't end with the last day of school for some people Karly. Just had a conversation with a good friend who said "imagine all the things you hate doing in a job, and having to do them all every day...that's my job". Thankfully I'm currently not in that situation at all. There are very few things I hate to do, and I get to spend time every day with people who are professional, talented, considerate and kind. So maybe there is hope for some of us some of the time ;-) Stuart

Karly Summers said...

That is the case for some people, your totally right Stuart. And you, along with some other people i know are very lucky. But it's not just luck.. sometimes you need to make your own luck. ;)

& I don't believe in the whole 2012 thing. It's ridiculous.