Friday, May 15, 2009

Sooke Harbor House & RadioKick's Launch show!

so I'm getting ready for my gig tonight. I'm playing at the Sooke Harbor House for the 3rd time. It's really nice there, and really relaxing. The last two times I got to jam with two other musicians (electric guitar & bass) and it sounded awesome. The 2nd time I recorded it for reference. =]

Tonight I'm going it alone, which is what I usually do. I like playing solo, I get to drift off into my own little world..

Also tonight, I'm calling in to RadioKick, internet radio for an interview. That should be fun. I remember the last time I called, ^_^. Curtis is a great radio host. And he's got his stuff together, he's a real do-er! I mean, check out the website for the show...   It's awesome!

So, I'm excited for tonight, and I really do need to get prepared for it so..

Here is my Set List:

Inside Your Head
If You Won't Shut Up
I Can Hear You
Play It Again
Goody Two Shoes
Burnt Out
Stay Strong
One Day
You'll Never Know
These Days

That's 13 songs in total. 
Which, is enough for an album... *HINT HINT* :D

Well, I'm off to practice, pack up my stuff and hit the road!
Till tomorrow!


PS- RadioKick's number is 1.888.708.5580, call in and request a song! =)
And remember, the launch show starts at 5 and goes to 8, I'll be calling in sometime in between on one of my breaks at the Harbor House. (porbably around 6 or 6:30) tune in!! =D

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