Monday, May 11, 2009

Day Dreaming


There are so many things in this world that are much more interesting to me than math. But, I'm forced to sit in class every single day and learn about it for an hour, sometimes even two, if I'm lucky! *she says sarcastically* x_x

My day so far has been pretty good. A bit predictable, but well. 
Hey, what more can you ask for when you ARE stuck inside high school 6 hours. I'm still not even caught up in anything either. See, I went away on vacation for a month in March- yeah, I'm not joking, it really was a month. I've been back for more than I was gone and I still haven't been able to fully complete the amount of work and tests I missed while i was gone...

soaking up the beautiful warm, bright hawaiian sun. =) & when I got bored of that, which I never did of course, I could always lay in the golden crisp sand. And if that got to hot, no problem. I was more than happy to swim in the cool, inviting, turquoise waters that surrounded the blissful island.

Ahhh.... Ugh! I've got to snap out of it! I was like, in a trance. O_0

Now, I'm still on an island, but the waters are just SLIGHTLY less inviting and filled with a dark, seemingly bottomless pit of freezing cold. And there are definitely no chances of seeing any dolphins, or bright, colorful fish, or anything bright and colorful for that matter. 
But, I suppose that doesn't matter. Because you're not going to go into our ocean even in May, unless you have a death wish. 

So, until the weather warms up. I'm stuck in here attempting to finish my math. Well, even if the weather did suddenly become welcoming I'd still be stuck doing math. And then Science... and then P.E. assignments... and than catching up in Art. FOR GOD SAKES! 

I don't know how I'm supposed to cope. -_-
=\ ... Maybe making light of the situation will help me. So here's some funny math humor. 

& here's my favorite one.. because I can completely relate...

And that's all for now folks. 
I'd stay longer but, alas, there's always something worse to do! =P

Till next time!
xox Karly. 

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