Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Goal: The Ultimate Busker. =P

 Today I have a gig, and I was looking at my set list from the last gig, which has 13 songs (2 are covers) and it dawned on me, again, that I have way more songs then just the ones that make it onto my set list. So, I went through the file of songs I have stored on my computer and I have at least 20 more songs that are good enough to be played. A lot of them are just not finished yet. It makes me sad. :( I want to play them!

So, this summer, I'm really gonna get on that. I'm gonna do it one song at a time. Revive them, finish them, whatever I have to do. So that I can be the Ultimate Busker, as I like to call it. ;) haha.

So really. I'm just continuing doing the whole "KS Restoration" project. 

This just makes it official.
I'm sure if I really stick to it, I should be able to have approx 30 or more songs on my setlist by then end of the summer. Which, would be very cool. :)




Rebecca said...

How many songs have you written?

Karly Summers said...

Uhh.. I'd round it off to 50 now.