Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inside our house, it's 89 degrees F. HOLY CRAP, that's reaching Hawaii hot!

Oh my! >.<

It was- STILL is hot today.
Like, inside our house, it's 89 degrees F. HOLY CRAP, that's reaching Hawaii hot!

I know how some people hate it when someone can't wait for warmer weather, and then when it comes, they complain about it. But, let's get realistic here. 89 DEGREES F. CUMMON! We don't have air conditioning in our house and it doesn't sound like were ever gonna get it. So I think I have the right to complain sometimes. I really don't know how I'm supposed to get anything done (like cleaning my room) in this weather. It kind of well, it sucks, just a little...

I'm not going to go on and on about how I hate this heat. But it's so bad in my house tonight that were going out for dinner. Where? To any place that has air conditioning!

And that my friends, was today's "daily ramble" :P

As for the rest of my blog entry for the day, let's see... today we went to the Sooke Pot Holes because of such "good" weather. =P It was nice, I used to find the Pot holes freezing cold, but I guess as the years go by and global warming starts to kick in even more, it gets to be more tolerable. Ironic.

If it's really true that this is caused by global warming, and it's only going to get sufficiently worse, than I'm really scared for the future. ._.

I was actually working on an old song of mine last night. It's called "I'll Go On" and I stumbled upon it while lying on my bed listening to my iPod on shuffle. It was such an old recording, I think I should re-record it. Or just maybe, re-learn it (which I think I did last night) and play it at some of my gigs. I would like to have more variety, that's what this whole restoring project is all about.

So, sooner or later I'll post up the lyrics to that song and add it to my completed songs list. :)
Which will make me feel accomplished. ;)

What would also make me feel accomplished is if I went to the garage and brought in my amp and guitar stand which SOMEONE left outside for someone to possibly STEAL. =o


Well, that's all for today,
TTYT (tomorrow)

-Karlial ;)

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