Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unorganized & confused perfectionist.

-__-  I'm tired.


It's 11:58 PM, and I'm tired.


I don't even know why I'm posting a blog entry.
Maybe because I feel like I having something of importance to say.


I'm feeling kind of confused about things lately. Every things kind of.. not as simple as it used to be. It's unorganized. Which is not good for a perfectionist such as myself.

It's very disorganized. @_@
It's giving me a headache.

You probably have NO IDEA what I'm talking about.

It's quite simple actually. I'm talking about my "career" if you want to call it that.
Just everything I'm doing, and everything I'm not doing, and everything that I should be doing. AND everything I'm going to be doing.

It's too much! O_O
And it's all jumbled up into weird little clumps. 
Not in order like it should be.

I mean, that's what it feels like anyway..


I'm kind of just flying by the seat of my pants right now.
WOW. That expression doesn't make any sense, but I've heard it before, so i didn't just make up something very strange.

I feel sick.
It's because it's late I suppose.

I really should have gone to bed a while ago.
Ugh, I could throw up right now.

Too much information?

That's what I thought.

Tty then, at a more holy hour.

-Karly Summers <3


Rebecca said...

Remember how I told you im pretty stressed about my future career and how things are going and the studio and stuff? I may be one of the only people you know, or THE only person you know that can relate to how you are feeling and this post. Everything you said in that post--it's how I feel.And im relating to it musically too!...

So, no worries Karly, you're not alone Haha.


Rebecca said...

BTw. Rea is a nickname for Rebecca xD