Monday, July 20, 2009

Songs, songs, songs.

Hello Hello!

So, this week, I really want to focus on my project. "KS Restoration" I've made a list of worthy songs, songs that are worthy of being restored and I'm just going to go through them in alphabetical order and perfect them. Pretty soon, well maybe a little more time than just "pretty soon" they'll all be ready for giggin! :P

Yesterday I got back from Vancouver, you see me and my friends went to the Paramore/No Doubt concert there, and HOLY CRAPOLA, FREAKING AMAZING!
Their energy is contagious. 
Both bands. But, of course I went for Paramore, and I was certainly NOT disappointed. =] They were simply brilliant. Just as good as their recording's. I was very happy about that. And, oh man! Hayley Williams is so awesome! She jumps around so much, and the whole band was in sync with their head banging, which is kind of funny actually. =P
But, seriously, they were the bomb! I took millions of pic's and video's.

With my kind of music, there really is no place for me to be jumping around on stage, which makes me a bit sad, because it makes the concert a blast! It looks like a lot of fun. Tiring, but fun. I mean, they never have to work out, haha. Their band practice is like going to the gym. ^.^

I could pretend to rock out on my guitar when I play, but ... no. lol
I think I'll save that for my room. =P

Oh! So anyway, I wanted to write down the list on here to keep me focused...

Here it is:

List of Worthy Songs:
  1. Bittersweet
  2. Burnt Out
  3. By My Side
  4. Dangerous *The Twilight Song*
  5. Dignity
  6. Goody Two Shoes
  7. Gravity
  8. Happy Christanakza (lol, little holiday song I wrote for a school assembly)
  9. I Can Hear You
  10. I Can't Break This Time - pending title-
  11. I Wish I Could Drive
  12. I'll Go On
  13. If You Won't Shut Up
  14. Inside Your Head
  15. It's Been To Many
  16. Lighter
  17. Live the Life That You Choose
  18. Living In Despair
  19. One Day
  20. One Of Those
  21. One, Nothing
  22. Photographs
  23. Play It Again
  24. Possibilities 
  25. Push
  26. Rewind
  27. Seems Like Yesterday
  28. Silently
  29. Something New
  30. Stay Strong
  31. Suddenly
  32. Sunday, Someday
  33. These Days
  34. Time Is Passing By
  35. Unexpected
  36. With You
  37. You Said
  38. You'll Never Know

Fewf! That's a lot of songs!
But, keep in mind that a lot of them are already completely finished. This list is all of my worthy songs. So I just have to syphon through them and finish or work out the bugs of the ones that aren't perfect, if you want to use the word perfect. :P The ones that aren't.. ready.

AND, some are so old that it doesn't even matter if I finish them up because I probably won't play them. I just wanted to keep them on the list because it's cool to look back at all these songs I've written at different points in my life.

So, that's all for now!

Write to you soon!

-Karly Summers <33

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Hey Karly!
Just so ya know, rocking out to your kind of music is TOTALLY possible. I didn't think many of my songs were like that, but they totally can be, and ARE, when you put full band behind them ;)

Btw! You've got some great song titles there, it looks like we had/have some in common. I wrote a poem/song called Burnt Out (haven't decided what is is yet xD)
I have a song im working on in the studio called "One of those DAYS" :P and its a total rocker. =D
I wrote a song/poem (again, dont know) called "Suddenly" when I was 15. and I have a song called "Passing By" kind of like your title
Time Is passing by, that i perform at gigs all the time.! :P Crazy xD

anyway, keep it up. :)