Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Music Business Conference


... sorry ='(

I know I haven't posted a blog entry in forever, I guess things have gotten a bit busy. AND I WAS out of town for 4 days.. Although, I DID bring my laptop so, I guess that's no excuse. :P

What have I got to say for myself?...
Hmm. well let's see. . . 

I went up island to Comox for the Music Business Conference. The original plan was to play at the Youth Showcase, which was held at Joe's Garage..

Judging by the picture above I assume that YOU assumed, that I did in fact play at the showcase. That was all that was involved in the original plan. In the new plan, turns out that all the performers get in the Conference for free. (The conference costed A LOT) So, of course we went..

and it was awesome! =) I learned SO much! Everything from singing tips, songwriting tips, inside scoops on the music biz, how to get your music heard, how to market yourself on the web, the list goes on.. It was really neat how the conference worked as well. It wasn't structured like you'd think it would have been. It was literally, all the "speakers" introducing themselves at the beginning and then getting right into questions from the audience. That was what all the conference's were. Like, I'm so and so and I specialize in booking tours, what do you want to know? It was really open. And that made it interesting and fun. 
I really enjoyed it. =]

I also met a lot of very cool people :) ...

So there's a good summary of my time spent at the Vancouver Island Music Business Conference. To see even more photo's of those four days go to my website www.karlysummers.com

It's 12:12 AM, so I think it's safe to call it quits for tonight.

Ttys .. maybe =P

-Karly Summers <3

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