Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's easy to fall off the ban wagon.

Why hellooo fellow bloggers! -actually, hello mostly non- bloggers. 
I think the majority of people who read my blog don't have blogs of their own. But, I highly recommend it. It's a great hobby, and it makes you more... involved in your life, more... aware of everything that you might not be as aware of if you didn't write that they happened every day. It makes you sharper. ;) 
BUT, it is easy to fall off the ban wagon once you've been riding it for a week or so. =P
Although, that could just be me. Besides music, most things I try for a while and I think I'm doing good until about a week or two and then I just end up stopping abruptly. Like, with my blogging for instance. I think I was blogging for a good couple of weeks (maybe a week and a half..) and then like lots of other things I just stopped. Which detours me quite a bit, because I'm a perfectionist and since I stopped writing entry's for a week I have this big empty space in the middle of my "daily posts" that annoys me so. >_<
..It was looking so pretty for a while there, lol.

But anyway, I'm back now and I guess that's all that matters in the scheme of things. 
I only have two more tests to do for catching up in school, those last pesky little Chemistry things. I'm planning on writing one this week and one next week on Tuesday- deadlines Wednesday. I'm cutting it close, I know. It's what I always do. 
After I'm finished those, are really somewhere more in between them I'll be working on doing a crap load of PE assignments. FUN. O.O I think the whole thing is really ridiculous. It kind of makes me mad, but I'm just gonna whip through them, finish them quickly (and hopefully painlessly) and be done with it all.
Now, after THAT I will be done. ^_^ ahhh, It'll be so blissful. 
Except for of course, when exams roll around which is right around the corner. AYIYI! =o
But, I'm not to worried anymore, in Math at least, I know that even if I fail the exam I still pass the course. Which makes me EXTREMELY relieved and content. =)

Lately, it's been summer weather, and I've probably mentioned in the past that I couldn't wait for it to finally come, and don't get me wrong I love it. It's beautiful, but man, this is some dang hot weather! I don't remember it being this hot this soon last year. But that could be just because time is flying by, it doesn't feel like it's almost summer- but indeed it is!
Which makes me very happy to think about, but also very stressed. (because of all the things needed to be done before then). But as my brother would say "Don't worry, everything will work out. It's fiine, it's great! It all works out in the end!" lol, and well, he's pretty much right. 
I need people like that in my life, reassuring me 24/7. If I didn't I'd probably go insane. 

Well, time for dinner and time for me to end my big giant rant. 
thanks for listening, well reading this far. ;)

Till next time
-Q (my mum calls me that).


Rebecca said...

Yo Yo Yo!

I quite enjoy big giant long rants missy! Keep going ^-^

Keeping things interesting. I do it all the time! Prepare yourself!


This weather as you questioned, is not normal. June 2nd, 29 degrees, a record for this date (June 2nd), in ALL of 100 years! Phew! Thats hot! xD

Yeah I like WARM weather. not MUGGY ANNOYING STICKY STIFLING HOT weather. I just can't handle it. It makes me extremely irritable.

Unless theres a COOl and i mean COOL breeze blowing through. Yeah... N-E-Waaaaaaaayz. I'll catch up with you later!



When are you going to put up that intervew... the second one. I wanna watch it maaaan!


Live For Music said...

Hey Karly! :) Tis Rosie. ^-^ I totally know what you mean about falling off the ban wagon! I've definitely done it with my blogger! And maybe biology too.. O_x lol. Can't wait for summer vacay! :D