Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Been Too Many

I wrote a song. 


It's a short song. 
It's only about 2 minutes long. 

I wrote it two nights ago.
It's about ... well it's about, someone.

Pretty much all of my songs are about "someone."
And by that, I don't mean about the same someone. That would be just a LITTLE obsessive. =P

Songs are how I express my feelings.
Each song of mine expresses a different feeling and state of mind. A different mood, opinion, point of view. And being an adolescent, they change quite frequently. 

My songs are also story's. 
Story's of my life.

It's a great way to keep track of it. ;)

So here's the most current "feeling/state of mind/mood/opinion/point of view/story" that's turned into a song.

Oh and also, usually for me, the most intense emotions get turned into songs. 
For example, I'm not gonna write a song about how I feel about pop corn. It has to be something that eats me up inside, or makes me extremely excited. Something that has a big impact on my character, and me as a person.

Anyway, no further delay.

It's been too Many.

Its been too many years

Its been too many days

Its been too many ways to avoid you I'd say.

It's been too many months

It's been too many awkward moments

It's been too many erase the past and start again

, my friend.

It's been too many grades

It's been too many stages in our lives

It's been too many times that I've ever felt criticized. 

It's been to many holding back

It's been to many words I've lacked

It's been to many times when I've looked at you

, and you don't have a clue.



Rebecca said...

i love the structure of your new song, its unique!
you kept using the wrong 'to' and im kinda obsessive compulsive about grammar lol it drives me insane when i see something thats wrong like that... Lol :P

it's "too" :P

But otherwise, I love it. :)

Karly Summers said...

thanks Rebecca. =P
I'm gonna fix that right now.

Live For Music said...

It's a really cute song Karly. ^.^ I quite like the structure of it, and the words themselves flow nicely, and are just plain sweet. :) Goodjob! and I did catch the "to" instead of "too"s as well. ;D Grammar freaks unite! hahaha.
-Rockstar. xo

Takakow said...

Buttons on a thread, are they cloths moth eggs or just a fashion caterpillar?!!
L and E