Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Things are never how I imagine them to be."

Today was the "big" Garage Sale. It didn't turn out exactly as I imagined it, but then again nothing really does. I always imagine things bigger and better then they actually are. For example, my gig's. If it's supposed to be in a hotel or something that's fancy, I always picture it way bigger than it turns out to be.

Which, I find to be a relief when it doesn't meet my expectations, because I still get nervous. I think I'm just a nervous person. Can't help it. But, I suppose in a way I can, I think I'm getting better at performing the more I do it. I want to perform as much as possible. Tonight I had a gig at the Grand Pacific Hotel, it was nice and easy- just two songs, but boy, was I nervous. I always am before such a formal event, but every time as soon as I get going on stage I relax. Thank god, if I didn't I wouldn't know what to do with myself. In less words, I think I'd be screwed.

Anyway, today was indeed the Garage Sale, and as I said, it was different then what I imagined. I imagined a bright, warm and sunny day with lots of people looking at all of our items and familiar faces stopping by to say hello. 

With, background music playing, up-beat summery tunes like "Summer of '69" and "All Summer Long," when I wasn't up on the little platform of a stage slamming on my beautiful Takamine guitar. - It wasn't like that. The weather was cold with overcast as for as the eye can see, and it was trying to rain from 9 AM on. A decent amount of people showed up, but not many familiar faces- at least not the faces I expected. (thanks to everyone who did show up :) And there was no music playing, I did bring out my guitar for a bit because I had to stretch out my new E string my dad replaced for the Father's and Daughter's Dance. All in all, the Garage Sale wasn't how I pictured it, but it was still fun. My neighbors are great people and I have a lot of fun with them. =) 

We sold a good majority of our stuff, and got rid of the rest without having to drive to the Salvation Army, which was a bonus. I made about $40 from my stuff, and my mum made like $300. I know! I much prefer busking as a way to come up with cash, haha. It's MUCH more effective. ;)
Now, being after the Garage Sale, I'm left with about a half less dense room, still was stuff from the closet on the floor, from going through everything. I went through my entire room last night. Took me from when I got home from school, around 3 o'clock to 12:30 AM. THAT'S A LONG TIME, and A LOT of stuff! I've been meaning to go through my room though, I just never thought I'd do it in one afternoon. One half a day. CRAZINESS. 

So that was the story of today. The Garage Sale was a success, just a different success than how I imagined, and the Father's and Daughter's Dance went well, despite my level of nervousness beforehand. 

Now, as for the rest of the day, my job's are to put all of my belonging's I took out when preparing for the Garage Sale back where they should be, to update my website with Performance pictures and then COLLAPSE.

See yah!


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Rebecca said...

Hey you!
Sounds cool, too bad about the garage sale weather. but I am sure you rocked anyway ^-^

SO I have a proposition for you.

I'll send you a messahe on FB kay?